Suppliers Review: Honey Glaze Cakes

by - March 05, 2016

Before I proceed with the final review for Honey Glaze Cakes
I'll give you a quick one for our final cake tasting at their head quarters.
All smiles for the big day! :D
Their tasting room is specifically dedicated to Yeng Constantino which is their first ever celebrity that cater their products. No wonder why, there's lots of celebrities that getting them as cake supplier on their special day! Their appreciation is really nice don't you think? :)
Now, they have this newly built room where final discussion will be made and more designs of their creations
We were served different slices of their products
Rocky Road will always be the closest in my heart! As I've told you before, I'm such a butter cream baby, and this is such a dream come true!
Chocolate Belgian Cake is the best seller of Honey Glaze Cakes. Actually we were torn what to served on our guest. If the previous one, or this Belgian cake. But our vote goes to this one. Trust me! It's a Belgian Chocolate Cake like any other!
Carrot Cake is also good. Loaded with nuts, raisins, marshmallow icing and heaps of cheese. But since we're not the healthy couple type, we didn't include this one. Hahahah!
Another favorite is this Pecan Cheesecake. Rich, creamy and addicting! 
We also had their coffee and iced tea to cleanse our palate. 
c/o Mik Mik Crisostomo
And here is the finished product! My inspiration for this cake is one celebrity that got married about a year ago. When I saw the cake, I instantly fell inlove on it! Any guesses? :)
c/o Dennie Isayas
Honey Glaze Cakes is totally a scene stealer on the wedding. The only minus point on them is when Aileen (the owner) promised me to be there on our wedding personally, but she didn't came :(. She sent a representative on her behalf instead.
c/o Ronie Sabarre

Here's a confession to make. There's a huge cake (as in huge) to be served to our 150 guests--the Chocolate Belgian cake. But I totally forgot to mention it to our coordinator! I only noticed it during the end of the program that there's this giant box of cake. Darn! Too bad we weren't able to let our guests taste how great is the Honey Glaze Cakes. :( Sorry! Been so high and on cloud 9 before and during the wedding! :( But guess who attacked on the cake? HAHAHAH. It's too big that we gave huge slices to our closest friends in our area. Totally worth it! Thanks Honey Glaze Cakes for being part of our celebration! Until the next one! :)

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