Wedding 101: Wedding Bouquet Dillema

by - February 02, 2016

It's indeed true that during the wedding preparation, everything will change from what you actually thought of having. Before (even Aldrin is not yet proposing) the motif that I originally wanted is maroon and red/silver. The invitation is laser cut, and the bouquet that I like is Peonies. But everything changed as time goes by. Your taste, wants, and preference will be totally different!
I think the major factor that influenced me with this bouquet is when my cousin (Hi Ate Johanne!) had this on her wedding. It's just so lovely! Who wouldn't right? These huge and fluffy flowers are totally irresistible! From then on, I knew that I will be having peonies as my wedding bouquet as well.
Time goes by, I found out this famous wedding florist in the metro, with the name of Vatel Manila. I checked their works and it's drop dead gorgeous! Now I changed my mind and told myself that I will be getting them! I inquired and everything worked out fine. They have auto reply and there's a line stating "For non floral bouquet, you may contact our subsidiary -- ETC Handmade Goodness by Vatel Manila" (something like that) I was so curious and immediately searched for the Non Floral bouquet that they are saying. 
I was in awe when I saw the sample of the bouquet. It's perfectly match made in heaven for our theme and motif of the wedding. It's not the traditional one which I also liked and aside from that, you may keep the flowers since it will not withered. Now, I'm totally and absolutely decided! Can't wait to share the final product! :)

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