Wedding 101: Coordinator Meet Up @ Le Petit Souffle!

by - February 04, 2016

When I'm here in Malaysia, there's gazillions (okay I'm exaggerating here) of restaurants sprouting like mushrooms! I'm so envy seeing my blogger friends hopping from one restaurants to another. One of the restaurant that I remembered is Le Petit Souffle.
 Le Petit Souffle is located in Century Mall in Makati. I originally thought that this is located inside Hole in a Wall. HAHA! They offer French-Japanese cuisine with notable presentation.
 The place is huge, hip and classy. Instagram worthy shot from every corner.
From the walls..
Sigh! Up to the ceiling is such a delight for photo addicts out there!
Let's now start from the serious part! Aldrin ordered this Pork Bourguignon (425 pesos). Carbo loading with this one complete meal. Fragrant Japanese right underneath, topped with red wine braised pork leg, with assortment of mushrooms, bacons, potatoes and carrots plus a sunny side up egg on the middle. This dish is really enjoyable especially for a rice lover like Aldrin. Every bite is scrumptious and delightful!
Foie Gras Mac n' Cheese (625 pesos) - Oh dear Lord. This dish in front of you is worth every calories! The mac n' cheese can stand the dish on its own. Very flavorful and cheesy! Plus the Foie Gras on top? MEEEEEN! I was really controlling myself because the wedding day is coming!
You know that this place don't skimp on ingredients at all! This dish is really heavy. It's so sinful that I find it too cloying already.#sorrynotsorry though! 
Valrhona Guanaja Souffle (350 pesos) - Made up of 70% Dark Chocolate served with Vanilla Creme Anglaise. Wasn't able to try this because me and Aldrin were really shy to asked our coordinator to share with her. haha! But it looked good and worth the 20 minutes wait! This is a perfect souffle! (Learned it from Gordon Ramsay! haha!)
Pleased to introduced you with our wedding coordinator Joed of Joed See Events. You might wonder why there are (or there will be NO wedding 101: Coordinator Hunting) on this blog. I first hand met and noticed Joed and her team, during my cousin's wedding. And from that very moment, I knew that WE.ARE.GOING.TO.BOOK.THEM! I may be biased with this one, since I didn't bothered looking for other Weeding Coordinators around but booking them is the greatest decision we made. Can't wait to share with all of you the wedding suppliers review. Stay tuned! :)

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