Suppliers Review : Wedding Souvenirs (2) | Choco Yema Cupcakes by Kim is Hungry

by - February 10, 2016

Prior to my previous post, Aldrin and I decided to have another souvenirs for our guests! (Because we love them so much and we are 'matakaw' like that!). Remember Kim is Hungry Cakes that I have blogged over and over before? (See here) Kim and I started out as total strangers. I just ordered her cupcakes, then followed by frequent visits when she managed to have a physical store already at Angono, Rizal.
For the benefit of the new readers. Kim is Hungry doesn't limit her products on cupcakes alone. She offers variants of cakes, pasta, sandwiches and rice meals. Couple of months back, they released Mexican offerings with partnership with her Boyfriend. I won't be surprised if they open another branch sooner or later. Moving on, from the varieties of products that she is selling, I always see to it to buy her Choco Yema Cupcake on every visit. 

During Valentine's Day...

 Christmas Season..

Or even Easter Sunday! (Or anyday inbetween that I'm having PMS) 
We ordered 130 pieces Choco Yema cupcakes to give to our guests. Just like what I've said to Kim, it's so good that I want all of our guests to taste how great is her Choco Yema cupcake! 
That's why even though we already have souvenirs to give out, we promised ourselves to include this as well. Who wouldn't? Extremely soft chocolate cake topped with butter cream frosting and gooey yema toppings in the middle. You may think that it's too sweet isn't it? But you're wrong. It's perfectly sweet and addicting! 
Though we didn't see each other personally that time Kim, here's our 2015 picture! haha! Thank you so much for being part of our special day. With that warm and bubbly personality of yours, I'm excited to see how far your business will go and I will forever be your fan especially your Choco Yema cupcakes! 

For inquiry, orders or you are just plainly hungry. Visit her page here.

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