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by - February 08, 2016

Wedding giveaway is something that Aldrin and I didn't experienced any problems at all. Maybe because both of us were sure that we don't want the traditional giveaways that you can put as a display in your cabinet. Edible souvenirs such as cupcakes are getting more and more famous not just in weddings but also in debuts, baptismal or corporate events. 
3 years ago, I blogged this candy store with the name of Twisted Candy (See full post here). It's basically a flavored candies with different cute designs that you can customize. Fast forward to the discussion with Aldrin regarding the souvenirs, we instantly thought of having a personalized candy with our initials on it! 
They have different packages based on the designs and number of characters that you prefer. It's really an effortless transaction that I had with them (Hi Bea!  ) I just messaged them in Facebook > Contact them in Viber for faster transaction > Paid them and viola! We already have souvenirs! Would you believed that it's only been three days before the wedding that we had the souvenirs? It's such a hectic schedule for us and I finalized everything with them too late, but they still managed to meet the deadline that I have given to them even on such a short notice. Good job guys! 
Take Note: We didn't even go to their physical store. Everything happened via Viber. I instructed them the design, flavor and characters that we want (They even sent a sample hue of the color that I want so they can execute what is exactly on my mind) then the sent me this sketch for my approval. I swear, our conversation is really flawless!

The time that we only dropped by their store in Robinsons Galleria (my chosen branch since it's nearer to my place) is when we are about to pick up our candies. I was so happy when they gave us this free big lolly! Such a sweet gesture!

But that's not all! The also gave us free packs of candies as a bonus. Yay!
To make it more personalized we put a tag saying "Thanks for sweeten' up our day!" #punny haha! So if you are reading this right now and having a hard time deciding, then worry no more. This is the perfect giveaways that you can give to your guests. Unique, Classy and Personalized. Oh, did I mentioned that they are more affordable than their competitors but with superb and superior quality? Take it from me, you won't regret getting them. 

Thank you so much Twisted Candy for being part of our special day! :)

For more details, you ma contact them on facebook here.

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