Suppliers Review: Shakers Big Punch 808 Mobile Bar

by - February 14, 2016

Somebody told us before that in Wedding preparations, 90% of the time, it is the bride who do most of the tasks, while the 10% will be for the groom. I bet because us ladies are naturally born as OC. We want everything organized and hands on with the preparations. In all fairness, not sure because I am a blogger but I do enjoy searching and scouting google all the time! But I'm ALWAYS consulting Aldrin with every decisions with regards to the preparation. If he disapproves or he doesn't like it, then we'll move to the next one until both of us agrees. He's not very particular with the suppliers at all, but his only request is to have Mobile Bar! Hahah! Finally! Look who's talking now!!! :)
I've checked online and there is one popular mobile bar in wedding industry. I checked their rates and for some reason, we don't find it reasonable. Maybe because they are well known already? But at the same time, we don't want to book as easy as that since we don't want to sacrifice the fun at the reception at all. So I checked again and ask for recommendations at w@w group for a reliable yet much affordable than the previous one. They recommend us Shakers Big Punch 808. I inquired with them and had the initial Alcohol Testing at their place in Quezon City. If I remember it right, it's not really the area they usually do the Alcohol testing. It's just that, it's the only time that we can squeeze in to our hectic schedule so we just grab the chance. 
These are just the sample of alcohols that they are using during the events. They even have unopened bottles but we decided not to get it anymore since anyway, it's just an Alcohol tasting only.  The owner Ryan is very nice and polite. He is also prompt and responsive all throughout our exchanges of emails. 
 He even showed us this Red Bacardi that is rare to be find in the Metro. True enough since these hard core drinkers with me that time said that it's their first time seeing a Red Bacardi.
 Since I'm not drinking at all, I let Aldrin, my brother Christian, and his best friend Johnell to do the alcohol tasting. Shakers Big Punch 808 has lots of shooters, mocktails and cocktails to choose from. We were asked for the level of the alcohols that they are going to serve (Light, Moderate, Hard). We instructed them to serve light drinks on the first hour of the program (since we don't want our guest to throw up just when we arrived from our post nup. HAHAHA!) Then later serve the hard drinks at the end part. 
 From the 25 mixes that they have have, they agreed that TBT is their favorite. (Will not tell you the mixes though. Hehe!) They instructed them to bring lots of TBT during the reception since it will be a sure hit. True enough, it became a crowds favorite! Though I was a bit disappointed when I was informed that the TBT is not available anymore in the middle of the program. :(
Ryan also offered us a free Flamers during the reception. I told Aldrin to give it a shot since it's impossible for him to try it on the reception itself. Hehe! 
What makes us booked them anyway? Usually, other mobile bars offers their service for a particular hour, then it's over. Whereas with Shakers Big Punch 808 Mobile Bar, it's a free flowing for 5 hours. The mobile bar also comes with complete bar set up with laser and strobe lights, 3 professional bar tenders and 1 waiter that will roam around the reception to offer drinks to your guest which I personally liked since it will be easier for our guest if they are feeling lazy to go the the mobile bar. 

Let me share you some of the pictures :)
 @ Papotskinguso
@ Mikmik Crisostomo
 @ Precious Danugrao
@ Johanne Esguerra 
 Cheers! :)
See the two familiar faces at the back? Hahah! I think they already get their chairs and seated beside the bartenders. Hahaha. They initially ordered 10 TBT in a snap! 
@ Apple Lopez 
 My gorgeous ladies! :)
I was so pleased to see that everyone enjoyed the mobile bar. It's such a hit with our guests! 
If you're gonna ask me. Will I recommend them? ABSOLUTELY! I believed that you don't have to spend that much where you can get a more affordable one, yet offering the same quality and wonderful products. All you have to do is to look around. I am really glad that I discovered them through w@w! Just like Aldrin and I discussed, they are the most "super na sulit" supplier that we've got! Hehe!  Thank you so much Shakers Big Punch 808 Mobile Bar for being part of our special day!

For their rates and inquiries check their page here.

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