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by - February 12, 2016

Photo booth is usually a must now in a wedding. Not just on a wedding but almost on every special gathering, there is a Photobooth. Admit it, Filipinos are such a photo maniacs! We love to capture every single time and embrace the moments! Photobooths is something that we can actually skip on our expenses since there's a lot of good friends that approached us that they can offer us their services for free. (Thank you guys!)
But I have to turn them down the moment that I saw my college friend's Photo Booth Services ---
The Photogroupy. Even Aldrin were telling that we can cut down the expenses if we accept others' kind offerings. But when I showed him the Photogroupy's services, he realized why I wanted to book them as our supplier so bad.
(Photo credits: The Photogroupy)
The Photogroupy is not your ordinary photobooth if you were to ask me. It's an elevated photo booth services that will turn your events into a classy one. Not to mention the custom made Instagram-like monitor screen that they have, personalized back drop and sanitized props that you can use. But that's not really the main reason why. 
(Photo credits: The Photogroupy)
Aldrin and I were firm to our decision that we don't want our face to be plastered on the print out souvenirs. Why? How can you supposed to put the picture let's say on your planner, wallets or give it to your special someone if the couple's face is right there? No offense to others ah, but that is just OUR plain preference. We just want ours to have a simple name on it, then that's perfect to us. 
(Photo credits: The Photogroupy)
 They have the Polaroid Style..
(Photo credits: The Photogroupy) 
Film Strips..
 (Photo credits: The Photogroupy)
You may opt for the Classic one.. 
(Photo credits: The Photogroupy)
Or better yet, contact them if you have something on your mind and let them design. Mind you, Meg (one of the owner) is on top of our class during our college days. And I can assure you that she's really good in this craft. 
We specifically liked the Polaroid one. Isn't it lovely? See how tired yet happy we are on the picture? HAHA! Going back, we've heard praises over their photo booth! I have friends that asked me their contact numbers because they said that it's cute and one of a kind. :)
Even the "Young at Hearts" were really game in flashing their smiles!
The Photogroupy has different packages that will surely suites your taste. 
The package that we've got comes with a Dedication book. Basically the photo comes in two. One will be for your guest, while the other one will be placed on the dedication book as your souvenir as a couple. Isn't it lovely? :)
Upon reaching home and reading the messages from the dedication book, we were so happy when I saw the dedication and written by my little niece and nephews. Maybe wedding high but I got teary eyed. Hehe! 100% sure that your guests will be completely satisfied if you get them as your supplier. 

For rates and inquiries you may visit their page here. :)

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