WEDDING 101: Wedding Host Hunting!

by - January 23, 2016

Before moving on with the Wedding Suppliers Review, I have to catch up with the wedding preparations that happened. One of the things that I overlooked is the Wedding Host. What I didn't know is they can easily get booked just as the same as the venue. We don't want to take it for granted because we know that it plays a major part in the reception.

From all the list that I had, below are the shortlisted based on the quality that we are looking for. What we wanted is something presentable to the crowd. Classy, Funny, Naturally eloquent and has a great stage of presence. Mostly prefers female host, but not us. We're not referring to everyone here, but most of the female hosts tend to have high pitch tone of voice during reception especially during games which is irritating. 
Darlene Salazar Tan - Contradicting to one of our requirement above, but Darlene is the most popular wedding host in the wedding industry and with affordable price! For some reason, I didn't see any negative feedback to her. (She must be really that good!) I inquired a year in advance and confidently at the back of our mind, we can get her, but she Is booked already! 

Eri Neeman - He is one of the suggested by our wedding coordinator. I have checked his profile and videos and he is really kalog and funny! Actually, the qualities that we are looking for can be found with him. But his rate is way way out of our budget.
Moxx de Vera - Funny how I manged to found out regarding Moxx. I was checking online and w@w yahoo group and they said that Moxx is brother of JC de Vera. So showbiz in me got curious and searched for him, checked his videos and tadaaah! Definitely checked all of the qualities that we are looking for! He is part of Black Tie Manila wherein different hosts and musicians can also be found. I just hope Moxx has lots of videos uploaded online so others can see how great he is on handling the crowd.
Atom Ungson - Another host that I am eyeing that time based on the videos online. He seems so kind! There are lot of reviews that I've been reading online with positive feedback for Atom. He is also considered as one of the pioneer male host when it comes to wedding.
JC Alelis - JC is kind even just basing on the chat I had with him. Funny how when I showed this post to my friend, She is asking if another requirement is handsome. Because that's what she noticed on these list. HAHAHA. But NO! It's not a requirement, but it's totally a plus points if your host is good looking. Why? Because they can totally get the attention of the crowd like these guys above! 

A particular host might work for others, and not with you! It depends on the personality of the couple and more importantly the crowd that they are dealing with. (serious, kalog, happy go lucky, game face on etc). A great reception is useless if there's no great host that will handle the program and the mood of the crowd. There are even relatives insisting themselves to be our wedding host. Mind you, it will be a BIG mistake of not getting a professional host on your wedding! Remember that!

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  1. This is a gorgeous venue for events. I went to wedding venues NYC some time back and was impressed the second I stepped through the door. I'm hoping that I'll get to go back for other events to enjoy great company and beautiful surroundings.

  2. I have seen the videos of Eri Neeman. He is really good to listen!


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