MyBurgerLab | My favorite burger place in Malaysia! :)

by - October 07, 2015

Just like what I've said from my previous posts, I don't deny that I badly misses the food trips that boyfie and I are usually having way back in the Philippines. There are really those times that I craved for something. Lucky for me if it's available here in Malaysia, or if not, well, just better luck next time. :(
We are in the area of the Badminton court where we usually have our weekend games and talking about online shopping on where to get the perfect sneakers look in Zalora. And it so happened that we saw this hip burger parlor behind that area.
MyBurgerLab is one of the famous burger shop in Malaysia. They don't only boast with the great tasting burgers, but with their signature black burger buns that keeps the people curious and eager to try.
Their branch in Cyberjaya has this chill and laid back and al fresco ambiance. And did I mention that their staffs and people behind MyBurgerLab is the best? I have tried inquiring on their facebook page and man, they are the coolest ever! The staffs were very much informative and friendly throughout our stay. I really appreciate their servers were checking on us and asking if we're having a good time with their products (which we usually experienced on fine dining restaurants).
They have varieties of burgers to choose from according to your preference. I was eyeing to try their Satay Dawg, but man! I can't help but to try their delectable burgers! 

**Okay now, going on with their burgers let me just apologize for the picture angle that you'll be seeing below. I honestly didn't nail this shot like before for the reason that I am eating with my friends that time and I'm hesitated on touching their burgers and to show each beautiful layers of the burger. Hopefully there's a next time that I can do justice on their awesome burgers! :(**
Beautiful Mess (19.50 RM / 214 pesos) - You may noticed that it is off-the-menu burger. I tend to believe that off the menu product is something special. Just like this one! We had a problem eating this one since it's too big! *but not complaining here ofcourse!*  A Cheddar Beef patty topped with deep fried portobello mushrooms, honey mustard and a sunny side up egg. It's ultimate burger that can make your day complete in an instant!
Swisstake (11.90 RM / 131 pesos) - The picture alone makes you want to order it! I personally loved their creamy oozing cheese on their burgers. Who wouldn't love a grilled juicy patty topped with Cheddar Cheese and Mushrooms?
A+ (16 RM / 176 pesos) - Okay okay fine. The picture doesn't make any justice. Only if I can show you the innards I would! I didn't even know that the heaping amount of mushrooms, caramelized onion is on the other side. :(
Awesome Fries (4.50 RM / 50 pesos) - Thick cut potatoes seasoned with thyme and rosemary with roasted chunks of garlic. The garlic is soooo addicting! But what more addicting than that one? Is the dipping sauce served with it!
They have various sauces according to your liking. The dipping sauce I am saying above is the one with the heart. And yes, it's good as LOVE! haha! MAAAAAN! Mind you, it's way better than Nando's sauce. hahahah! I wished they have bottles of these for sale as well. The staff comes to us and gave us sample of cilantro salsa (if I remember it right) BAAAAM!!! So good as well! You know that feeling when you don't know where to dip your fries because both were equally good? Yep, this is the one!
Trish, Grace and Me! I believed that's the time we're so eager to dig in to our burgers! :P
Hands down! Everything is good! How did I know? Because we rotated our burgers clockwise for each of us to try. hahahah! Completely satisfied and happy with our MyBurger Lab experience! Really looking forward trying out their other burgers! 

For more details, you can check their page here.

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