Japanese Hits @ Sushi Zanmai, D' Pulze!

by - October 12, 2015

If you are craving for Japanese foods when you are in Malaysia for affordable bucks without sacrificing the quality of the foods, then this is the place for you!
Sushi Zanmai is the restaurant that I've noticed immediately when strolling the mall. The facade, interiors and ambiance was really well thought of. It even have the rain fall fountain in their entrance. It's actually quite intimidating especially if you are on a tight budget. But upon seeing the menu, our wallets jumped with joy!
Hodaka (16.80 RM / 201 pesos) - If quite not sure what sushi to order, these are variety of Sushi made up from salmon, cuttle fish, prawn, eel, boiled scallops, beancurd, omelette, and cucumber roll.
Karaage Don (11.80 RM / 141.6 pesos) - My favorite during that visit. It's very close to the taste of Japanese fares in the Philippines. Sweet and savory medley of flavors glazed on the breaded chunks of chicken underneath the steaming rice.
Chicken Katsu (13.80 RM / 165.6 pesos) - This is the most sulit dish ever! Huge chicken katsu, served with fresh greens with oriental sauce. It's not the Yabu levels ah, but If you are feeling not to eat rice and good katsu, then order this one!
Good food, nice ambiance and affordable price. Make sure to try Sushi Zanmai when you visit Malaysia. :)

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