Volcano Shabu Shabu @ Cyberjaya!

by - September 26, 2015

Received a company dinner one night in the office. First time to try a buffet or let me say "shabu shabu" here in Malaysia. I'm quite not sure what to expect though. Very eager to visit Volcano Shabu Shabu on their Cyberjaya Branch. Who doesn't like sponsored food anyway? haha!
But due to work related concern, we were so late to visit the restaurant. The closing time is at 10:00 pm. And we arrived roughly on or before 9:00 pm already. 
We were so excited trying the goodies inside especially seeing the shabu shabu plates rotating all through out the restaurant.
There are 2 soups to choose from. Pardon me for not remembering the name but one is Spicy broth and the other one is Chicken (if I remember it right).
I choose the Chicken broth and I find it too bland for my liking. :(
There are limited containers filled balls, fish, crab sticks, assortment of vegetables, noodles. I was a bit disappointment with the choices that time. The fish strips were frozen as well. :( Not sure if it's because they nearly closes the restaurant already the time we arrived.
But the saving grace is the shabu shabu on plates rotating inside the restaurant. I wasn't able to take shots of everything but these are just few of the variants. See that kisses chocolate like on the right side? OMG! That is everything! There is somewhat a salmon roe or yolk inside. Can't clearly recall because I'm so mesmerized eating it. Hoarded every plate that has like that!
You will be also given some beef and chicken strips. For some reason, we just had one each. :(
I also quite enjoyed the shrimps and enoki mushrooms. The price is actually affordable. I had hits and misses on this visit that's why I don't want to close my door on trying this restaurant again for another time. Seeing other reviews and their bountiful number of foods makes me think that it is indeed because of time constraints that's why we didn't had such a great time. But looking forward on the next. Hopefully! :)

You can also check their facebook here.here

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  1. wah ngiler nih.. makasih informasinya ya...

    1. Hello Obat!

      Thank you so much for dropping by the blog! You are my first Malay commenter. Cheers! :)


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