Wedding 101: Guest Listing (To invite or Not to invite?)

by - August 05, 2015

Okay, this is one of the hardest parts in wedding preparations. Even up to this point of writing. Boyfie and I have lots of friends and we also both came from extended family. So imagine how hard for us to decide whether who or who are NOT to invite. Even we want to invite almost all of our friends, plus the entire family, together with the community, we simply CAN'T. Aside from the fact that *ehem* it's much more costly, we honestly don't want to invite everyone.
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Why? We're not the type of person that wants our wedding to be like a festival. No offense to others, but it's simply our preference. We wanted our wedding to be intimate and solemn. In short, closest-of-the-closest part of our life. We strictly decided to make it an adults affair only. We don't want kids running around during the reception hall or making tantrums. Or much worse, during the holy celebration. So with that being said and done, how can we categorize our guest? I even consulted our dearest google friend on how to solve the problem. And from all the tips I read, I finally resulted to one simple solution! Categorize your guest to SET A and SET B.
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SET A: Which includes your family, the closest relatives and friends that you know your wedding wouldn't be complete without them. Some even say that if you haven't talked with them in a year, then it's clearly in SET B which I tend to disagree. Because there are really people that you may have lost communication in a while, but still dearest to you and needs to be there on your special day.

SET B: These are the guest that you want to be there but not required. Meaning, it's okay if they will or will not attend the wedding. Not necessarily mean that they are not important, but there are people that needs to be prioritized before them. And after categorizing your guests, then if there's still room in your Set A list, then get some from your Set B based on their priorities.
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THE TWIST: Here's the complicated part. There are people that wanted to be on your wedding and they ARE EXPECTING that you will invite them when infact, you will NOT. Well, it's better to say them straightly because there's really no point if you will give them a reply and they will be left hanging with expectations. Even irritating as well but there are times that even your own parents, family member or friends are forcing you to invite their closest friends or significant others to be with them. Well, you have to make them understand that: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING AND NOT THEIRS. Remember, it's all up to you love birds. It's a matter of priority, preference and importance. :)

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