The Royal Touch @ Resorts World Manila!

by - July 13, 2015

While enjoying our stay in Marrott Hotel, I find myself browsing for cupcakes nearby the area. You know me, if it's sweet then I'm totally helpless. I stumbled into a cupcake parlor name The Royal Touch and was amazed by the presentation I saw in Instagram.
If coming from Marriott Hotel going to Resorts World, it's quite a few steps from their entrance. The shop is really an eye candy. You will surely not missed the place because of the bright and elegant interior that they have.
English themed designs that will transport you from one place to another.
Interesting and intricately designed shop with chandelier, frames, and different antics.
Also great way to pair your cupcake with coffee? It really seems that you are inside a "polly pocket!"
It's almost closing time that's why few cuppies were only left.
Their cupcakes were gorgeous and lots of varieties to choose from. Prices may vary depending on flavor. Each cupcake cost more than 100 pesos each. Can't remember the exact price, but it's pricier than the usual commercial cupcakes around.
The cake itself was soft but not that moist. The frosting on top was rich and heavy. It's a pretty decent cupcake, but it's not the type of cupcake that I will crave at a given point and time.
From the interiors down to the box is elegantly made. Will I try it again? Hmmm. I guess "that" one experience is enough. :)

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  1. Everything looks yummy!

    1. Yup! They know how to present their cupcakes really well :)


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