Tetadventurer 2.0! Nando's @ Malaysia!

by - July 19, 2015

You might be wondering why you can't see any latest Manila food trips here on my blog. Oh boy, it's such a pain in my heart declining all of the events from different restaurant owners and PR friends' invites. And ofcourse, those friendships that I made because of blogging. You see, I am currently based here in Malaysia because of work for quite some time. And I guess you will see more of my Malaysian food escapades which I hope you can support as well. And in return, I will still try my 101% best to feature Filipino restaurants while I'm away. And who knows? Some giveaways as well! :)

When I arrived here in Malaysia, I have to tell you that I have mixed emotions when it comes to their cuisine because I know that their foods are rich in different spices especially chili and my tolerance for spicy foods is not good. But I am pretty excited to try out their cuisine that has been developed  throughout the generations and different cultures in one. Probably one of the most famous restaurants in Malaysia that I've heard is Nando's.
 Nando's is a famous Peri Peri chicken that offers a wide array of comfort foods. From rice meals, sandwiches, salads, sides, wraps, and even desserts. They have an open kitchen where they are grilling your meals upon ordering. So you can't help but to get pretty excited just by smelling the aroma of the chicken especially for the first timers like us.
 Another thing that I loved with Nando's is the variety of sauces that you can choose from.
 Plus the funny antics like this one! hahah!
We actually had a hard time choosing our orders. Boyfie and I initially thought of ordering different set meals but we ended up to this full platter set (58.39 RM *gst included = 700 pesos) because majority of what we originally wanted is not available :( The set comes with a whole serving of chicken plus 4 side dishes of your choice.
 We had 2 rice as part of our side dishes. It was flavorful but I think the serving size of this one is a bit small.
 Potato Wedges on the other hand was really generous. The spices have a hint of kick but tolerable on our side. I actually enjoyed this one dipping on their salad vinaigrette. hahah!
 Corn on the cob was boyfie's favorite. And it did not disappoint. It was very sweet and addicting!
 Nando's Chicken has different level of spiciness and since we're not a fan of spicy foods, we had their Lemon and Herb. We really laugh out loud upon seeing this "Not So Brave" flag on our chicken! HAHAHAHA!!
 Moving on with the chicken itself. Probably, from this point of writing, Nando's is part of the best chicken that I have tried in my entire life. No exaggeration here. From the first bite we had, we honestly uttered "Oh my God". It is really "that" delicious! The meat itself was really tender and flavorful. I'm pretty sure that the majority of us doesn't want the "white meat" part because it tends to be really bland. But not Nando's. Every bite was flavorful and indeed enjoyable.
 Nando's Menu
This is surely the place that I will recommend to my friends visiting in Malaysia. And I really can't wait to go back for more! 

See? That's the genuine smile that you can get after having a great meal!

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  1. I love Nando's! I love their Portuguese tarts.. I've seen, heard and tried when we went to London. It's our go to whenever we want something close to Filipino taste dish!. Hope the Philippines will have a branch of nando's too.


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