Sugar High @ Wafflemeister Suria, KLCC!

by - July 25, 2015

One of the places I've been meaning to try when I was still in Philippines is Wafflemeister. I saw some celebrity bloggers were getting gaga over this one. It was in Singapore as far as I remember and little did I know that they also have stalls in Malaysia.
When we are roaming in Kuala Lumpur (particularly in Suria Mall) just when we had our lunch, I saw Wafflemeister from afar and I insisted boyfie to try that because it's part of my foodie list! The place is just a small kiosk in the middle of the mall that has few couches on the side. But you will see that they have lots of patrons waiting to try their waffles.
They also have quite numbers of gelato flavors to choose from. 
But the main star is definitely their waffles!
Everything looks delish! Only if we can order everything we would! :P
The price ranges is a little pricy for a waffle. But IMO, it's actually worth it!

Why not give in to your sugar high delight and pair up your waffles with their shake? :)

Strawberry Heaven (RM 17 / 204 pesos) - I'm not much of a fan of Strawberry but I decided to order this one because it will surely look beautiful in pictures! haha! (I'm sure other bloggers can relate :P) The strawberries were sweet and juicy. Sinful yet refreshing at the same time. But I noticed that the waffle itself can stand on its own taste already. The actual waffle is really good! I even thought that I should've ordered the original one instead. There is a unique taste to the waffle. It was glazed with sugar that's why there is a sweet crunch on every bite on their soft waffle. Nom!
Black and White (RM14 / 168 pesos) - I enjoyed boyfie's order more than mine (as usual). Generous amount of whipped cream plus chocolate on their classic waffle! BAMMM! Out of words!
Strawberry Heaven Shake (RM 16 / 192 pesos) - We don't want to try their Strawberry Shake, but the crew mistakenly made our order to Marshmallow Shake to Strawberry. They are already arguing which of them to blame, but  I just decided to accept the Strawberry because I don't want the shake to go into waste AND some of the crew will shoulder the expense. :)
Shake Au Chocolate (RM 16 / 192 pesos) - Actually we're not sure if it's a bad idea that we ordered shake. Don't get me wrong, it's indeed worth the price. But after trying their waffles, followed by their shakes, everything tends to be cloying already. The shakes were very thick and creamy! In short, it was really sinful. Still happy with our shakes though. haha. Are we going to come back? Definitely! :) 

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