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by - July 24, 2015

Whenever boyfie and I will go on a date, or simply killing sometime outside, we usually go to a restaurant or anything that offers variety of comfort foods. But now, what we are usually looking for is a comfy cafe where we can stay while enjoying each others company together with their drinks and some pastries.
I don't know if it has to do with aging (hahah) but I guess coffee and pastries are the combination that we can't resist. That's the time where Dal.Komm Coffee got our attention.
 Dal Komm Coffee is a cafe that originated in some parts of Asia. The wooden architectural design is impossible not to notice from afar.
 A perfect place where you can catch up with some friends, have a quick snack, or simply a quiet "me time" moment.
 Aside from the usual drinks, they also showcase different light snacks, cakes, and fresh fruit juices.
 Their menu is quite simple and straight to the point.
 It doesn't limit the selections for non coffee lovers since caffeine free drinks are also available for you to enjoy.
 Boyfie is quite tempted to try their bingsu but for some reason, his desired flavor is not available.
 We tried sampling some of their products for us to judge.
 Chocolate Torte (RM 12.60 / 152 pesos) - The serving size was fine for its price. Taste wise it's good, but not something I would rave about. The chocolate cake itself was moist yet dense. While the chocolate filling in between was so rich and chocolate-y that I truly enjoyed!
Chocolate Chip Frappe ( RM 14.90 /  179 pesos) -  The price was actually decent for its taste. Perfect for chocolate lovers out there. Bits of chocolate on every sip and it's not something that tends to be cloying at all. The chocolate chips that was used is something that I enjoyed the most.
Caramel Macchiato (RM 13.50 / 163 pesos) - Caramel Macchiato is something that you should order in Dal Komm if you are looking for the right amount of coffee booze. It is not too strong and since it was induced with caramel, everything is perfectly blended well.
Are we going to come back? Definitely! And hoping for more cake options the next time! :)

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