Cravings Satisfied @ Kung Fu Restaurant!

by - July 28, 2015

It's been months that I am in Malaysia. First thing that I prepared myself aside from the culture is their foods. Since this country is a part of Halal country which we all know that doesn't eat pork meats, Ofcourse everyone is required to respect their cultures, practices and beliefs just like in any other country. I must admit that there are really some time where I missed eating such foods since I grew up in Philippines.
A good friend of mine brought us in Kung Fu Restaurant. A Chinese restaurant that offers various meat dishes for affordable price. Double yay! It was actually twice that we managed to dine here. hehe!
Kung Fu Restaurant is located in Shaftsbury Square. Right in front of the office, so only one hop away to ease my cravings! *I missed my Dad's cooking :(*
The usual Chinese set up as you enter the restaurant. Mind you, this place gets packed during lunch time!
And why not adding some Cherry Blossoms in a Chinese Restaurant? I really loved it! :D
I'm sorry but I can't back track the exact names of our orders. :( But this one is somewhat a Szechuan pork strips with mushroom. I was really happy with their rice meals since everything is roughly/more or less RM 10 / 120 pesos. The serving size was really generous. But flavor wise, it's really bland. :(
This Pork with Peanuts is another let down. :( Again, the serving size was good. But the flavor was too bland for my liking. I think it's also the same sauce that was use to the previous dish. Though I appreciate that the pork was really tender and infused with five spice flavorings.
Sweet and Sour fish on the other hand is topnotch! On both our visit, we ordered this again. We don't want to make a double order but then again, we can't help it. The fish was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The generous amount of sweet and sour sauce is surely a thumbs up for me. I smothered all the sauce on my rice. nom! I'm not yet sure what is the veggie strands on top but I really liked it!
Last but definitely not the least is this Crispy Pork Chops. This reminded us of the local Lechon Kawali in the Philippines but with a twist. Inside the pork was mildly seasoned with local spices. Not sure if it's curry but it's really really addicting! Never went in this restaurant without ordering this one. :)
Food cravings will surely be no problem since Kung Fu is here. :)

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