Chocolate Lovers Delight @ Dip n Dip | IOI City Mall

by - July 21, 2015

Even when we're still in Philippines, the excited foodie spirit in me just can't seem to wait. Months before hand, I already searched for the must visited food hubs in Malaysia. And as a sweet tooth foodie, this place is surely on the top of my list! (Pardon for the low quality photos, only using iphone at this time)
Dip n Dip is a haven for a sweet tooth foodie like me. Even it was not part of our itinerary that day, I forced boyfie to have grocery at IOI City Mall (but deep inside, I just wanted to go here. HAHAH!).
The interiors were pretty sleek and laid back. From the deep red, black and white theme plus the color coordinated tables, it's not a surprise anymore why there are lots of foodies going to this place.
I'm telling you, it's such a hard decision making that we had that time. 
You know that feeling when you simply want to try everything? :(
So might as well try their helper page. Just close your eyes and move your index finger then let it do the job. haha! 
But we stick to our cravings first :)
White Mocha Frappe ( RM 14 / 168 pesos) - From the whipped cream up to the drink itself, everything is so worth it! Perfect for those who want to have a light shake with a hint of caffeine.
Din n Dip Frenzy (18.90 RM / 227 pesos) - It may be a little pricy for a drink but every sip is worth it. The drink alone is really sinful. Chunks of belgian chocolate on every sip, thick and creamy drink with chocolate drizzle. This is a dessert and drink in one!
Chocolate Molten Cake (13.50 RM / 162 pesos) - When I saw this on instagram, I know from the start that this is what I wanted to order. That oozing chocolate center upon slicing with your spoon.
But it's a total let down. Was really disappointed that there is no "oozing" part of what I ordered like others. :( I think they over baked this one. It was pretty decent and good. But still, it hasn't managed to reach my expectation. You can even see in the picture that there is no oozing chocolate coming out from the "lava" cake. :(
Chocolate Waffle ( 17 RM  / 204 pesos ) - This may be too plain to look at, but this one blown me the most. I even enjoyed this better than the "lava cake" that there's no lava. :( Going back, this freshly baked waffle was generously smothered on their rich milk chocolate plus dark chocolate drizzled on top. You will know for a fact that they only use the finest ingredients because the chocolate that they are using is completely outstanding compared to others. Really good!
Exhibition from another table if you other their Dip n Dip waffle I think. They will drizzle the chocolate up in the air. Really cool and fun to look at! :)

Remember when I told you that it's hard for us to choose what to order?
Because their selections were aplenty. See their complete menu below:


Some hits and miss on this visit. But hoping to have another visit again one of these days and hoping that it will exceed my expectations. :)

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  1. Can't stop myself from craving those sweetilicous desserts! I like the Dip n Dip Frenzy the most. As what you've said, it's a drink and a dessert in one, and that's pretty cool!

    1. Hello there Heart! I couldn't agree more! Such a sinful treat! :)


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