VIPs @ Executive Lounge | Marriott Manila! :)

by - June 05, 2015

One of the perks that we had during our staycation in Marriott Manila (See post here
is an access to their Executive Lounge located on the 8th Floor.
Only selected VIP guest has an access to that level. And just like what I've said, we are very
 fortunate to be given that chance. Thanks Mitch! :)
Having an access to Executive Lounge lets you escape the queue (if there's any) in the reception area and go directly to 8th floor and let  their dedicated staff attend to your needs!
  Accommodation in Marriott Manila doesn't have the inclusion of the Executive Level (every room key is activated for the 8th floor access). But if ever you want to have that access, you can also avail of that perks by paying 2000+ pesos.
Now I'm sure you will ask me, what is really with that Executive Lounge right?
Executive Lounge is a floor where you can stay all day long without worrying anything and everything! Flat screen tv..
Soft couches..
Very spacious and private place..
With this wonderful view! What can get better than that?
These treats!!! All along, I thought that the goodies served here has additional costs, but what we didn't know is that EVERYTHING is free!
We visited during snack time and they still have variety of foods to choose from!
Where you can get as much as you want to!
Take note that we visited the Executive Lounge right after the lunch time that's why only light snacks were only there. I've heard that during Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner the spreads of the place is like their buffet in Marriott Cafe (post to follow) on its own.
Only if we knew that, we just stayed there and didn't go to Kopi Roti and cost us almost 1000 pesos for just a couple of dishes, wherein we can stay there 24/7 throughout our stay! I was really upset when I saw from others that Executive Lounge has wonderful cake displays during meals! huhu! But nevertheless, even we stayed there for just merely 2 hours, all I can say is that everything was so special! :)

For more details you can check their page here.

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