The Bomb Breakfast Buffet @ Marriott Cafe!

by - June 06, 2015

Our favorite part in a staycation? No questions asked! Breakfast Buffet!!!
True enough to what they are saying, Marriott Cafe by Marriott Manila is probably the best 
Breakfast Buffet amongst all Hotels in Manila!
A shot where I took after we had our buffet! See how excited I am? Let's proceed shall we? :)
Fruits and Nuts Station..
Anti Pasti Station..
Filipino Foods Station..
Noodle Station..
Classic Filipino Favorites..
Dimsum Station..
Omelette Station
Waffle, Pancake and French Toast Station..
Dips and Sauces Station..
Fruits Station..
(this bacon plate deserves its own photo!)
Sashimi Station..Where can you see a Sashimi in a Breakfast Buffet? There's also "Rib Eye Steak Station" which I totally forgot to take pictures because I'm so darn excited! Don't get me wrong, I know these are always in a buffet, but never in a Breakfast Buffet! Only in Marriott! Happy Breakfast indeed! :)
Sushi Station..
Breads and Spreads..
Sweet breads station..
Look at these healthy treats!!
What I love most in Marriott Cafe (next to the Rib Eye steak ofcourse!), these freshly squeezed fruit juices in a bottle! We loved the Mango Juice the most!
Don't get fooled, this is just our first round! :P
The prawns on their hakao were really good!
Mix and Match because everything is oh-so-worth-it!
I also tried making it a little bit fancier! Frustrated chef! HAHA!
Cap off our gorgeous breakfast with sweet danish breads!
And oh! Definitely not the least! Their Rib Eye steak! This is the BOMB!!! This angel is perfectly seasoned and really melts in our mouth! Please don't ask how many rounds we had! >_<

For more details, visit their page here.

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  1. Yes, that steaks looks really mouthwatering!

    I also love the whole vibe of that place.


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