Introducing: Manang's Pops n' Chips!

by - June 04, 2015

I remember the time when Manang's Fried Chicken is just starting to tickle Filipino taste buds. It was my sister who introduced me their product. I can still remember clearly their one of a kind crispy chicken that is smothered on their sweet soy glazed! Plus their chips as a side dish with extra creamy dip! That's my staple combination at Manang's (or plus spaghetti if I'm feeling hungry!) haha!
 Now, they are not just solely for chicken and spags no more! They also offer their newest product which is the 
Pops n' Chips!
 It's all in one snack that is made up of their signature crunchy chicken meat poppers and potato chips that comes with different flavor upon your liking. Perfect for foodies on the go! It actually reminded me that it can be your newest buddy in the cinema!
Chili Vinegar, Beef Steak and Cheese Pimiento! Not the usual snack box that you can buy anywhere because of their unique flavor options! Now available in your favorite Manang's Chicken branch. :)

For more info, you can visit their page here

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