5 Star Staycation @ Marriott Manila!

by - May 19, 2015

Aside from eating (obviously) Boyfie and I loves to travel. From our personal gateway, escape from work trip, or just a simple staycation. Most of our colleagues in the office were even asking why we always love to go somewhere.
 I admit to admit that compared to food trips, vacation were much costly than the latter. But then again, there is this saying that "Travel is something that makes you spend but make you richer". Nothing can beat the experience that you can get when traveling. You can always earn money, but not experience! :)
 Some of us has the privilege to go somewhere but time is something that makes is complicated especially professionals. The answer? Staycation!  And we are actually very fortunate enough to experience one of the finest and classiest 5 star hotel in Manila.
 From all the 5 star hotel that we have tried, Marriott is surely on top of the list. The lobby will speaks for itself. The receptionist, crew, and servers were simply impeccable and surely a top notch. We actually felt such a VIPs during our visit! 
Marriott Manila is a 5 star hotel situated accessibly in front of NAIA 3. A surely great help to those tourists or balikbayans that need to catch their flight on time.
Additionally, Marriott Manila recently launched a new wing on their hotel that houses different restaurants and newest and grandest event place that you can see in the Metro.
Upon getting our rooms key from the receptionist, their elevator will give you the access to different floors that you can visit. 
The 8th level is their Executive Lounge were only selected VIP guests can go to that place. (Will post a separate review for that).
 The lobby of the hotel is polish and very well maintained. Every corner is elegantly decorated with paintings and murals.
 Upon entering our Executive Room, I was dazzled with our room,
 and don't want to leave the place anymore when I lay down on their ultra soft pillows and sheets.
Our Suite has everything that we need. From personal table when you are feeling that you want to do your work while on staycation (which I am advising you NOT to do so!)
From flat screen TV with our personal name on it, 
Own wifi in our room, robes, money safe and these complete set of toiletries by THANN.
I'm not actually a brand conscious type of person, I also ignored the toiletries that we have that time. I poured every thing excessively even unnecessary. 3 days ago upon this writing, 
I got curious with that brand while drafting this blog post, only to find out that a set or the complimentary toiletries costs 2000 pesos! Holy molly! Only if I knew that, I should have kept that to myself! HAHAHAHAH!!
Last but surely not the least, and my favorite --- Their comfort room! By far, it is the most hi tech toilet room that I have ever seen!
Moving on, one of the highlights of their restroom is this automatic blind curtains. But if you are conscious with that set up, all you have to do is press the button then DONE!
For stress people out there, 
Quan Spa is something that you should give a visit
Or might as well their swimming pool?
That is also equally beautiful even night time! 
that is equipped with their snack bar whenever you are hungry?
Marriott Manila has different restaurants that can satisfy your stomach's desire such as
Cru Steakhouse's topnotch steaks. (See complete details here)
or Marriott Cafe for buffet lovers like US! (Will put separate post for that)
Every second in Marriott is truly worth of everyone's penny. Can't wait to visit their newest wing one of these days! :)

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