Wedding 101:Wedding Videorapher!

by - April 05, 2015

When we are in the process of hunting for wedding photographers, 
I always see their rates and packages differ from Videographer, I searched online regarding those.
I didn't know that VIDEOGRAPHERS and PHOTOGRAPHERS are completely different from each other (duhhh, video and photo nga teta eh!) Yes, I know about that, but I thought it comes with one package already. I asked my reliable cousin Ate Johanne who recently got married (thank you so much for all the help and tips!) :*

Videographers and Photographers may come in one package (just like what I have on my mind), 
or they may come from different parties. Since I'm planning to get an All-In-One Package (Photographer and Videographer team in one) ..
For what I have in my mind is that, it's easier for them to work with each other because they belong in one team, on the other hand, my cousin told me to get a separate team instead. I immediately asked, "hindi ba mas mahal?" Well, to be honest, yes, it is much more expensive compared if you'll be getting an all in one package. 
But what made us convinced to booked a separate one? As my cousin told me, each team has an expertise
Team A might be an expert in Photography and can be just so-so in Videoraphy while Team B might be so-so in Photography yet can pull off an excellent Videography. She even told me not to sacrifice photo and video since it's the only tangible memory that you can keep as a couple. 
In these era, Videographers plays very important role in a wedding. It is the sough after in a wedding reception,especially the SDE (Same Day Edit). I can't describe what I want in a Videographer. All I know is that if I see their works, I will definitely can tell if they are the one! 
My only particulars in an SDE are the following: The Aerial shot, wedding ring effect, the melody and rhythm of the song and of course the march of the bride should match the entrance of the song. So below are some of the Videographers (that I remember) with their respective works and inquired, and just like with the Photographers almost every one is booked already. 



That's why when we found out that the one we are eyeing for is still available, 
I told boyfie that we have to book them! ASAP! 

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  1. A beautiful place to get married. I went to my friend's wedding here this past weekend. This place is beautiful, one of the nicest locations for a wedding I've ever been. The wedding reception was very nice and felt very intimate.


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