Sweetest Treats by Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe!

by - April 12, 2015

Okay Okay, expect a lot of posts these days. I finally found the folder where
I put all my #foodporn pictures taken using my phone! yay! 
 Moving on, Mom & Tina's was an established Bakery Cafe. But to be honest,
when only just tried it 2 years ago when we celebrated Father's Day in Comido China.
The place is a little bit small. Though they have 2nd floor. It has this "polly pocket" interiors. Hahah! It's really cute!
You will be welcomed by these gorgeous treats on their display. If I can only hoard these all, I would! I actually had a hard time deciding what to order, but their service was really patient and very considerate. :)
If you are not a sweet tooth, then various savory breads are also available. 
We ordered s box of assorted cupcakes. The cupcakes were okay. I find the bread tad dry.
 But the cream on top were delicious. 
We also had this small Dark Tobleronne Walnut Torte (If I remember it right, sorry it was two years ago. haha!) 
It was lip smackin' good! Make sure to eat this one perfectly cold! :)
One the photo is the Beehive. Boiled Icing covered in a crackling hard chocolate. The cupcake itself was promising. The bread is moist. However, I'm not really a fan of Boiled Icing. Since I preferred the lip-smacking goodness Icing. The one like whipped cream? Oh yes, the whipped icing! (tama ba sinasabi ko?) hahaha! So there, if you're a fan of Boiled Icing, then you'll surely love this place! 
 Caramel Profiterole (500 pesos? largest size)- The star of everything!!! Don't get blinded by this simple looking sweet treat because it will caught you by surprise! And it will surely will not disappoint! Arghh! I can't find the right words to explain this one, that's why I asked my sister to help me. Then I was informed that it's a layer of cream puff, custard, cream, and caramel! Arghh! DEADLY! 
And Oh, I also put Nutella on the side to make it DEADLIER! Sinful. Really sinful!
Though It should be eaten with moderation (which I'm not good at all! hahah!) since it's too sweet for huge serving. So if you're a fan of Caramel, Yema Cupcake of Slice, or simply a sweet tooth foodie, HA! You know what to do! :)

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