Sweet Treats: Beans Talk Bistro @ Baguio!

by - April 07, 2015

Baguio is getting more and more popular these days. Not only because of the movie That Thing Called Tadhana, and the folks that do soul searching in Baguio. But ofcourse, the cold and breezy weather up there, especially this summer!
 With all the tourists and the number of establishments sprouting in Baguio, it's a bit hard to find a place where you can stay because most of the places were jam packed with diners. Little do I know is a place on Session Road where you can have a great piece of cake while enjoying your stay. 
 Beans Talk is a quirky and hippie coffee shop with bright retro interiors. I don't even know this precious gem ever existed without the help of an app. They offer wide array of sweets, snacks and drinks. Though during that time, most of their best sellers and pretty looking cakes were sold out already, still, this is the place that we'll surely visit once we come back. 
The place is huge and also offer al fresco for smokers, or even alcohol drinkers. :) We just wanted to kill time before we go and check the midnight market. We are still full during that time that's why we settled to have some sweets. The servers were really nice and friendly. They are very much familiar with their product and their offerings. (they also have fast wifi ;))
 Who says you can't have cold drinks in Baguio? :D
Mocha Cake -  I adore how they nicely served their cakes to their customers. Really brightens up anyone's day! And can you see the gorgeous layers of that cake?
 My favorite from Beans Talk? This Caramel Cake! (I forgot the exact name sorry), since I am a buttercream baby, the flavorful and generous amount of cream was absolutely a thumbs up for me. The caramel on the sides were not too sweet as well. 
 The bits of peanut brittle on this cake are another interesting catch on this cake. The sweet and chunky texture of this one is really addicting!
I really wanted to try more of their cakes but we're too stuffed already. :( But one thing is for sure, it is the place that is STILL on our list the next time we visit City of Pines! :)

Check their page here

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