Relaxing Treat at Foot Zone @ Greenhills!

by - April 01, 2015

There's nothing more stressful than the week that just happened. From my personal life, up to tetadventurer version 2.0! Will unveil that to all of you soon! That's why, we deserve a relaxing break!

Foot Zone is a spa that has been operating for almost Thirteen Years locate in Greenhills San Juan. They specialize in Chinese massage and reflexology that has been trained by their highly skilled Chinese trained local therapist. 
Seeing Foot Zone caught me by surprised. Located in It's not the usual spa interiors that will welcome you.
In fact, the ambiance of the place is stylishly looked like a hotel. 
Their waiting lounge is spacious and equipped with an assortment of magazines, flat screen tv and wifi.
They also use a Stick Knock Hammer as a massager. (The one that looked like a drum stick). 
It was my first time to experience that one and it's really awakening! :P
The hallway going to the rooms was so stylish and sleek. 
Foot Zone houses different rooms. They have private rooms for two, group rooms and shared rooms with individual cubicles to ensure our clients privacy with clean facilities and a Steam Sauna Bath.
They also have VIP rooms if you're feeling extra posh. :P
I also have a quick visit to their shower room and restroom to see the interiors...
And both of the place indeed showcased an elegance.
The VIP room was equipped with lazy boy chairs, complete with flat screen tv, towels, 
and a warm comforting drink. (I think this is a corn infused water with pandan leaves)
Boyfie chilling on the lazy boy...
While I'm preparing myself for the massage. Since you know, I am very much ticklish! I rarely go to a massage places because I always end up laughing so hard. hahah!
To start off, our tired feet were soaked with hot water compress (it's not even lukewarm. hehe) . It's actually quite relaxing! It's also a thumbs up to me that their tub was covered with plastics. This way, it's more clean and sanitized because you won't get the bacteria from other people. 
The treatment is surely one of a kind experience. This is the place where you can experience a hard massage that will target your stress points and lamig as they say. 
It's my first time trying a hard massage and whoaaa, it's really a stress buster. I first thought that it's painful because of the pressure that they are putting, but it's indeed a stress reliever at all. I enjoyed a lot the reflexology they made specifically on my feet and massage on my back. 
Foot Zone Rates. You can see that there are different rates from local to master. The Promo Local is handled by trained professional while the Promo Master was handled by their in-house Chinese masseurs. 
Aside from the above rates, they also have packages that includes massage, scrub and/or combinations. 
If there is something that they should improve of, I guess it's their service. The receptionist, therapist and everyone in the place seems to be grumpy that time. But overall, Footzone is the place that will treat you for a luxurious massage Service with a cozy and Hotel like ambiance of rooms. For your appointment please call: 705-1301 and 7267742.

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