Press Release: Love Your Kidney Awareness by Old Orchard!

by - April 22, 2015

In celebration of the World’s Kidney day last March 28, Old Orchard conducted an intimate gathering among bloggers,the Old Orchard Love Your Kidney Blogger's Lunch. The event aims to support the Healthy Beverage Options 4021 of the Philippines and to educate consumers about the benefits of drinking Cranberry juices.

Each eight-ounce serving of 100% Old Orchard Cranberry Juice counts as two servings of fruit. Did you know that the American Cancer Society recommends that you eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day? Old Orchard 100% Juices can help you meet your “Five-A-Day” goal.
Apart from getting our daily fruit intake requirement, Cranberry Juice helps prevent kidney disorder. Kidney failure is the 9th leading cause of death among Filipinos. One Filipino develops chronic renal failure every hour and there is more than 14,000 Filipino patients undergoing dialysis yearly.
 Under the Love Your Kidney Campaign, Old Orchard aims to build awareness to the importance of drinking cranberry juice. Cranberry Juice has been proven in several studies to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections or UTI that helps prevent the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract.
 Old Orchard is recognized as the 2nd largest frozen juice brand and 4th largest bottled juice brand in the USA. Old Orchard has a wide selection that caters to different age groups from kids to adults.
With Old Orchard Cranberry Juice in your daily balanced diet, you get to take care of your kidney while enjoying the sweet, tangy flavor of cranberries! 
 Sharing you as well is the checklist that can help you from identifying if how clean is your urinary track. :D
Old Orchard is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation. It is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. 

For more details, you can check their page here

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  1. Funny coming across this post when I'm actually drinking a tall glass of Old Orchard Apple and Blueberry at this very moment haha. I love this juice brand since it's kosher! :)


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