New Favorite Milk Tea Place @ TEASOME!

by - April 03, 2015

Traffic in the Philippines gets worst and worst everyday---or night! Living in Rizal takes a lot of travelling time whenever we go somewhere. That's why what we usually do, Boyfie and I will stay in a place up to 10 pm already where the traffic already subsided. Why? It goes the same way, if we leave early, then stuck in traffic for hours. 
Wag na lang! 
 That's why we looked for a place to stay after we had our dinner. Just right beside the place is Teasome
A place where it catches our attention because of their bright interiors. 
 Not knowing what they offer, we decided to stay because of the vibrant interiors. 
 From the floorings, couches, lighting and wifi, everything are spot on!
 Their branch in IL Centro in Sta Lucia is really spacious. Perfect place to hang out and catch up with your friends. 
 We first tried their Wintermelon Snow (100 pesos) while Boyfie had the Chocolate Milk Tea (90 pesos)
We originally wanted to order their Cream Teas but it's not available. Majority of what we wanted is not available which I think something they should improved of. 
 Both drinks were good. But I guess boyfie won this time for the reason that my drink seems to be too plain, 
while his drink has the right amount of chocolate and tea kick at the same time. 
 The very next day, we come back to try their Oreo Milk Tea and Cream Puff (120 pesos each) - Finally! It's available already! You know it's good since we come back the next day right? I mean, the place and the ambiance is something that you will surely enjoy apart from their offerings itself. 
 Both drink were somehow alike. The only difference is the Oreo that was placed on my drink. As a buttercream baby, I super enjoyed this drink! The bottom part was generously filled with cream and Oreo. It tasted like Ice Cream and Milk Tea in one! Instead of pearl as my sinkers, I changed it with coffee jelly without extra charge. :)
 Peppered Corn (60 pesos) - Since I recently had my braces removed, I am dying to have corn where I can munch freely. haha! Their corn tasted exactly the same as the popular milk tea shop has. But I wished they put more salt on this one. 
 Chicken Chops (90 pesos) - On the other hand, their Chicken Chop is a melt down. It was too oily and the breading was falling apart as well. I also find it a bit expensive for the quantity that they will give you. 
Overall, despite of the hits and miss, I can't wait to come back again to this place, and hopefully more products will be available! :)

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  1. The interiors are kinda catchy, makes want to spend some time there, too. I live in Rizal, too, and you are so right about the traffic.

    1. Hey there Lou Ann, yes! Please visit the place one of these days. Perfect place to kill time and catch up with friends. IKR! Grabe traffic satin, it was not like that before. :(

  2. Uy I will try this. Thanks


  3. Free wifi access ba sila?

    1. Hello! Yup, they have! Pretty fast wifi when we visited! :)

  4. Come visit Dagupan City, Pangasinan to find more milk tea shops. InDagupan


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