Japanese Cravings @ SumoSam!

by - April 09, 2015

Our friends from Zomato sent a bloggers invite to us and I'm kinda pretty 
excited because it is also the first time that we'll be dining at SumoSam
 To be honest, boyfie and I were not a hard core Japanese food lover, but to our surprise,
 we really enjoyed Sumosam! ;)
 The usual Japanese set up. Wooden interiors and Japanese kitchenware to add some vibe in the place. 
The place was just right, not too big nor small. But they also offer al fresco.
 Salmon Sashimi - Not actually a fan of sashimis but everyone seemed to love the salmon sashimi! :)
 Spider Roll - sesame roll drizzled with japanese mayo. This one was okay, but there's nothing to highlight on this.
 Spicy Caravan - But this one is surely one of the favorites! Japanese roll filled with delicious filling then topped with crispy bits of tempura batter (if I'm right) then drizzled with mild-spicy mayo. Really awesome!
 Chicken Teriyaki - Who wouldn't want Chicken Teriyaki anyway? This is really addicting!!! :o
 Beef Teppan - Really tender and juicy beef served with buttered veggies on the side. Nom!
 Ebi Tempura - This one was okay for me. But there's something particular that 
I'm looking for that is missing on this one. hehe
 Tonkatsu Ramen - Probably one of my favorite that night. I didn't expect that it will be "that" good! 
Especially the slices of pork! GAWD! It's really packed with flavors! 
Sizzling Brownie - The star of the night! The presentation is surely a winner. Honestly, I thought the brownie was dry, but upon trying the dish, Oh boy, it's really heavenly! Chocolatey, moist and fudgy then topped with huge scoop of vanilla ice cream? That's really a winner!

For more details, check their page here

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