Cooking Workshop by Yummy x Kitchen Aid Philippines!

by - April 23, 2015

I love watching cooking shows. Not only because I am foodie, but I also have the passion in cooking. I can still remember when I used to watch TV Shopping networks over and over again every time there is a cooking show. 
That's why when boyfie and I received an invite to attend a Cooking Workshop last April 11,
 I didn't think twice for that moment!
With the help of these gorgeous Kitchen Aid tools, everyone can make a snack in just simple steps!
 Watermelon Fizz with the use of Kitchen Aid's hand blender..
 Mango Pearl Layers with the use of Kitchen Aid's Food Chopper..
Creamy Crab Stick Dip with the use of Kitchen Aid's Food Processor..
 The guests were given a chance to use these tools and create their own snack.
 I have personally tried making a Creamy Crab Stick Dip with the help of their Food Processor and it's really easy as 1-2-3!
 All you need to do is put the needed ingredients and press it. As simple as that!
 The Cooking workshop was attended by selected bloggers and some of the avid readers of Yummy Magazine!
 The renowned pastry chef Jackie Ang Po hosted the event and prepared us scrumptious treats.
 Grilled Watermelon and Mango Jicama Salad with Mango Vinaigrette is surely tasted good as it looks! I actually thought that this is the greatest salad I have ever tried so far. The mango mustard dressing is the BOMB!
 Osso Buco is the main entree we tried with the use of Slow Cooker. As per chef, the good thing about Slow Cooker is that you can leave it overnight and when you wake up, everything is good to go. 
This plate of Pralinut Puff is something that I wanted to bring home with me! HAHAH! The gorgeous layers of puff pastry, cream, and chocolates! HEAVEN! 

And of course, sharing with you these delicious recipes from Yummy Magazine 
and with the help of Kitchen Aid's badass tools!

Be sure to try these recipes and I can assure you that you'll also love it! :) For more details check Yummy Magazine's page here and Kitchen Aid's page here.

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