Baguio Eats: Vizco's Restaurant

by - April 06, 2015

It's such a shame where my first love favorite in Baguio is not on the blog. 
While browsing my backlogs, I saw Vizco's photo that is waiting to be uploaded. How cruel!
 Vizco's is probably one of the most popular food hub in Baguio. Though I want to share with you their menu, I can't because it's really a lot. But one thing is for sure, it is the one stop place where you can satisfy your cravings. From, rice meals, pizza, pasta, appetizers, and desserts! Name it! 
 They are widely popular for their desserts. All along I thought it's just a rave, 
but I am the living proof that everything in that place is sure to satisfy you.
 But probably the star of Vizco's is their Strawberry Shortcake. Even if you check online, 
this is the dish that you shouldn't miss when dining at Vizco's.
 The place is usually packed with tourists and even locals. Try settling on their 2nd floor to avoid the crowd. 
 Bacon Cheeseburger (145 pesos) - Started our meal with their pizza. Every ingredient
 was really fresh on a bed of gooey cheese!
 Protein Supreme (160 pesos) - Equivalent to meat lovers in Manila. I have tried the other "famous" pizza house in Baguio but I must say, Vizco's is still way way better! The crust is flavorful and soft on its own, plus the heaping amount of toppings! 
 Fettucine Carbonara (190 pesos) - As per boyfie, this is the creamiest carbonara He ever had. PERIOD!
 Beef Lasagna (150 pesos) - Generously filled with bolognese sauce, 
topped with bechamel, mozarella and parmesan cheese. Winner! 
 Italian Gambazette Rice (225 pesos)- Boyfie insisted to order this one for a change but I was hesitant. The picture on their menu was really wonderful and I was afraid to get disappointed. (you know, advertisment!) But it proved us wrong! It is indeed the actual one on the photo. This Gambazette was tossed in a red wine sauce, fresh basil, mushrooms, bell peppers, then topped with Parmesan cheese with lotsa shrimps! (more or less 20 shrimps, yes we counted it. haha!) This is one of their nicest creations ever! Must try! :)
 Strawberry Shortcake (80 pesos) - One must not leave Vizco's without trying their famous Strawberry Cheesecake. Even non-strawberry lover like boyfie enjoyed this pillow like chiffon, with creams in between plus fresh strawberries! GAHHHD! I wished, there's Vizco's in Manila. :(
 Mango Torte (125 pesos) - For the sake of the blog, boyfie tried the other cake instead. Unfortunately, this Mango Torte was a let down. It actually reminded me of Mango Bravo by Conti's. Why a let down? The mango was really really sour. :( *will stick to the Strawberry Shortcake next time! :p
 Fish Tocino (120 pesos) - Boyfie wanted to experiment the next day for our breakfast. He had a Fish Tocino. And it's quite unusual for us to see a fish tocino. And it tasted pretty good! Exactly like the usual tocino, but softer and less guilt. ;)
 Garlic Beef Tapa (175 pesos) - I expected a lot from this one, considering the price. It tasted okay, like the usual beef tapa. :P Well atleast their breakfast meals served together with hot chocolate and refillable coffee! yay! 
And oh, to cap off this review, make sure to try their house blend ice tea. It's not the commercial ice tea around the Metro. Vizco's is the place where can you satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your wallet. Look how affordable their food was! Vizco's in Manila Please!!!

Check their page here

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  1. We missed the chance to eat here during our trip to Baguio. Maybe next time we will.


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