Bacon Fest Manila: Because Everything is Better with BACON!

by - April 22, 2015

Most of us Filipinos love BACON! I mean, who wouldn't like it anyway? But admit it, the majority of us enjoys bacon by just frying it on its own. Because well, it's easier! We are exposed to the classic way of eating fried bacon that can be paired with steamy fried rice, or bread. Unlike in other countries, they cook our beloved bacon in a completely different way, such as Bacon Wrapped Medallion, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Bacon Meatballs, Sushis, Bacon Ice Cream and lots of bacon dishes that will blow our minds away! 
That is why Bacon Fest Manila is here to show us different creative dishes that you can do
 with Bacon instead of settling for the ordinary fried bacon!
With partnership of Purefoods Thick Cut Bacon, every bacon dish will be elevated because of the thickness of their bacon designed to make every bacon bite meatier, tastier and truly memorable. Twice the thickness, twice the fun. Oh yeah! 
During this Bacon Fest, different line of restaurants will showcase their "Baconized Menu" 
specially made for this event ONLY. 

Last month when they pre-launch the event and attended by selected bloggers, we had the chance to try the "Baconized Menu" of The Quirky Bacon
Sad to say, my memory card got corrupted, that's why I can't show you the complete flow of the event, good thing that I had backup shots on my phone. Whew. Soooo. Let's start? :)
Chef's Salad - Made with Arugula and Romaine Salad, Kesong Puti, Warm Strawberry Vinaigrette and 
The 6 Minute boiled egg. The candied bacons bits is really addicting!
Bacon Medley Poutine - I honestly didn't expect that I will enjoy this dish that much, but it surely does. The sweet potato fries were loaded with bacon gravy, mozzarella cheese and ofcourse BACON! This is surprisingly heavy on the tummy too! 
Bacon Tempura - Battered thick strips of Purefoods bacon and soy glazed on top. Need I say more? 
Lacquered Slab Bacon - Applewood Smoked Slab of bacon served with java rice. I honestly expected a lot from this one. I'm not saying it's not good, but I guess making it a little more tender will help. But the brown sugar with chili on top is addicting! 
Pork Panalo Roll - Now this is what I'm talking about! Wrapped Pork tenderloin stuffed with Calumpit longganisa and glazed with guava labuyo glazed. I can't barely taste the guava flavor of the sauce but this dish is really good! It was served together with their Drop Dead Fried Rice. What's with the name? Because you'll fall drop dead upon tasting it as per Chef. haha! But seriously, the buttered Drop Dead Fried rice is a must try! Once in a while lang naman! haha!
Problem Child - This is their take on the our childhood favorite Champorado! (Chocolate Porridge). Different playful texture in your mouth since it was topped with crispy bacon bits, chocnut and 90's kids snack, Mik Mik chocolate and milk powder! Dust it on top, and BAAAM! 
But wait! There's more! haha! Did I catch your attention with the sample Bacon Dishes of Quirky Bacon? 
Now we're just getting started as Torch Restaurant will now introduce their very own "Baconized Menu".
Bacon Lovers on the Grand launching of Bacon Fest Manila. 
Ms. Joyce Pring is the event host during that day and introduced us the agenda of that event...
Little do I know that, there's a Cooking Show Contest that will be happening. :o
Competitive me is already familiarizing the ingredients and step for our chosen dish. CHOS! haha! 
Our team Bring Home The Bacon was assigned to cook a Bacon Crusted Pork Medallions with Apple Chutney. Whew! The name itself was pretty intense already...
But mind you the steps were really easy and it actually tasted REALLY good! Swear bear! We honestly can't believe that we were able to pull a great tasting dish like that. 
Even though we didn't get the winning dish, not bad right? I also get the recipe because I will surely make this dish at home. No doubt!
The winning dish--Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips by Team Bacon! FTW! :)
Team BaconNet's Bacon Pancakes! Another classic favorite! 
Team Bae's Bacon and Chocolate. Because why not!!!

Now, moving on with the menu made by Torch Restaurant!
 A Bacon Salad as a starter for our meal. I wished they put more dressing on this one. 
But still, I managed to consume all of it. haha!
Boyfie and I gave our vote to this Bacon Roll as the dish of the day. Sesame rolls cream cheese and ofcourse BACON! Make sure to order this one!
Bacon and Cheese Pizza - A slice is larger than our whole face! A medley of savory flavors in every bite. Gooey cheese, bacon and ranch dressing on top. Nom!
Bacon Carbonara - Crowd's favorite! Creamy bacon carbonara sauce with mushroom and poached egg. 
Perfect anytime of the day! 
US Angus Bacon Wrapped Salpicao - Served on a stone grill to retain its consistency. Served with veggies on side and mashed potato. Rice please!
Bacon can also be a star on your desserts like this one. The caramelized bacon on top is the bomb!
Craving for bacon already? Wanna be Baconized and be in Bacon Haven? 
 Make sure to visit the participating restaurants and their particular branches given above.  
Because, Everything is Better with Bacon

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