Affordable Eats @ Katsu Cafe!

by - April 13, 2015

Katsu has been popular comfort food to us Filipinos. We loved the idea of the breaded and crunchy pork that goes so well with the sauce. But most of the establishment that offers katsu, you will surely spend some bucks for that. 
 Katsu Cafe is a small katsu house that offers various Japanese dishes that is totally opposite of the usual price compared with others. Just like what they say,  it is a place that offers a student price katsus!
 You will be given almost same of the ingredients  that you will find from the "branded" katsu houses. And I also must commend their service. They have very attentive servers from the start, and up to the time we asked for the bill. Really good job!
Pork Katsu Set (less than 200 pesos) - Each set comes with unlimited rice and a side dish of cabbage. Flavor wise, it's still the good ol' katsu,  But the only thing they differ from the commercial ones is the tenderness of the meat which they can improve. 
 Chicken Katsu Set (less than 200 pesos) - Boyfie on the other hand opted to try something different like this Chicken Katsu. I must say, this is way better than the previous one. The chicken was so tender and generous servings too!
Katsu Cafe offers various dishes on their menu. Though you have to keep in mind that when going to this place, expectations should be lowered and must not compare with the giants of katsu houses in the market. But for less than 200 a set, who are we to complain right? ;)

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