Wedding 101: Reception Hunting!

by - March 09, 2015

I know I have been MIA in blogosphere these days. We were really busy for wedding preps, suppliers hunting and something new and exciting that tetadventurer will announce! Watch out for that! :) While doing my errands and watching Heart and Chiz Wedding in the background. I have thought of posting another wedding deets to share! hahah! #Showbiz
Even before the moment Aldrin proposed to me, we already have the desired place on where we will be the reception of our wedding. Edsa Shangrila. This place has a special spot in our hearts. It is the first fine dining restaurant that we tried as a couple. 
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Hotel Reception VS Events Place is the first thing you have to consider in choosing your wedding reception. We all know that Hotel reception automatically gives the elegance in any other events compared to the latter. The price may be really steep, but you can be sure that the experience and the service  of the Hotel is impeccable. 
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Events Place on the other hand gives more value to your money compared to hotel and also has comprehensive packages to choose from. One edge of this compared to the hotel reception is the space since hotel weddings is usually cramped. But take note that choosing an events place can be very tricky. I've read stories that there is one event place that was really hot when the guests arrived and still setting up. So be sure to do a major research on this.
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Going back to Edsa Shangrila, I got their rates which is downloadable from their website. The packages they have is almost complete from the accommodation, bridal car, cake, floral centerpieces, basic mobile sound systems, live string trio (etc) and ofcourse the food. Their Standard PLATED SET MENU food can cost 275,000 pesos for 100 pax only. (Soup, Salad, Main Dish, Dessert and Drinks), while the upgraded plated set menu will cost 315,000. Please take note that they have a standard menu and the upgraded menu which will costs a lot higher, and it's totally different from the buffet rates. Their price for the grandest menu can cost as high as 450,000 and that's for 100 pax only. (Plus VAT and 10% service charge). Ouch! 
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But despite of that, we still don't want to let go of Edsa Shangrila. Boyfie and I initially decided to have plated set menu instead. The number of 100 pax is no biggie for us because we really wanted our wedding to be intimate and with the closest family and friends only. But upon talking to bff Kat (See here for the related post) She reminded me of "Wag na wag kayong mag plated menu. Wag nyo gugutumin guest nyo since they won't remember the place of your wedding, but the FOOD on your wedding!" hahah! FOODIES! :p Which hit us and gave us realization. BUT! I still want to go with Edsa Shangrila. Boyfie and I didn't formally set a budget for our wedding (but we have ranges) since we both thought of wedding is once in a lifetime moment, so why not indulge on your day? But then for me, spending almost 500,000 for the reception alone is impractical decision don't you think? Apart from that, I have food carts/stations that I want to be there on our wedding and ofcourse, we have to pay another corkage which is a NO WAY for me already. And that's the only time I let go of Edsa Shangrila. 
There are tons of event places in the metro. And thankfully, it's just a google away. Please be patient in researching and reading different reviews online. You will surely gain lotsa learning from there. Since I have to take note of the distance of our guests from the place, Fernbook Gardens and Glass Garden were our choices. When choosing a supplier, I suggest you to choose around 3-5 (max only) since having tons of choices can make your decision making really confusing. 
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Fernbook Gardens is the perfect place of every fairy tale wedding. One of the popular garden venue in Manila because it can be easily located in Quezon City. Additionally are the countless celebrities who had an event in this place! Fernbook is perfect place for a garden theme wedding because the place itself is proud with their live and bountiful numbers of plants. When I say lots of plants, I really meant it. Which I found a bit off already since I feel that the place is too untidy at some point? Maybe the reason I don't appreciate the wide varieties of plants is that, it will not go well with our theme. The pros of course are the very elegant castle like area, the carriage, the famous telephone booth, and the lake. This place is a match made in heaven for fairytale-like wedding! Perfect for photo ops! Their rates can go as much as 400,000 pesos. But this one is a complete package already. (Buffet, Set Up, Sound and Light Systems, etc.) It's actually a good deal already. A stressless package in one! (Note: The price is based on google, kindly contact them directly for the updated price list for 2015-2016. 
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Glass Garden on the other hand is the place that I am not familiar with. With the help of midnight searching, I bumped into their website and I just said WOW upon seeing the pictures online. They also have package inclusion from well known wedding caterers. Prices also vary depending on number of pax, time of the wedding (day/evening), and the date of the wedding if it falls on the hot date (December and January weddings). And other wedding kaartehan that can't be ignored. Their complete package cost 350,000 pesos. (But the upgrades are not yet included like drapes upgrade, hanging crsytals etc) Compared to Fernbook, this has the garden and glass house in one. Not too much on the garden and plant set up compared to Fernbook. (Which I prefer), but then again, it doesn't have the elegance of the facade like Fernbook can offer. 
Every "shortlisted" supplier has pros and cons. You have to take note of your wants and most importantly your priorities. Once you have decided where to have your reception, BOOK it right away. Spare some money to lock your wedding date in advance. Mind you, others have booked as early as 2 years from their wedding. We really wanted to have December wedding, but the reason why we moved the wedding date in January is that, the reception, church, and caterer can't have an identical free day for our wedding. That's why we keep on adjusting the date until we find the date that matches their all schedule. One of the most stressful things ever! 

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  1. This is a great place to have a wedding banquet! The manager at banquet halls in Miami was available to answer all of my questions - no matter how big or small. They were always available via text or email! They made special accommodations and even met with me after late working hours during planning!

  2. A dome-like area, covered in green and frosted white glass that is in harmony with an elegant garden setting perfect for a special garden wedding celebration is what The Glass Garden is known for.

    With an English-inspired architecture, the place was adorned with palm trees, hanging vines and tropical blooms. It has a magnificent bridge-way and spiral staircase ideal for a grand entrance. It also boasts of its imposing high ceilings reaching 30-40 feet.


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