Steak Night at Cru Steakhouse, Marriott Manila

by - March 14, 2015

When it comes to steak, there are already sprouting steak places around the metro. But then again, the question is, where can you find a quality steak that will satisfy you beyond your expectations? 
(Pardon for the low res photo below since boyfie thought that the SLR were fully charged, but it turned out that it's completely empty. That's why we settled for digicam instead. haha!)
 Cru Steak House located in Marriott Hotel is something you should visit when it comes to steak cravings. 
The simple photo above will clearly shows you the drooling post you were about to see.
 Cru Steakhouse is one of the many restaurants in Marriott Hotel that offers salivating selections. 
 The place simply gives justice to the word elegance. Low light, fancy couches, wines and the wooden interiors and will definitely give you and your company a romantic and classy stay.
 The place can accommodate an average number of guests. Since this place is fine dining, everyone should also be aware that the place follows a strict compliance of the dress code, like every fine dining restaurant as well. Children below 10 years old is also not allowed to enter the place to keep the ambiance and mood perfect for the adults. 
 Not only that, this place also witnessed countless numbers of proposals. So men out there, ring a bell? ;)
 Another eye catcher is this open kitchen where they will prepare your gorgeous steak. Look at that open flame! Nothing can get any better to the sound of the sizzle of their premium steaks!
 Your steak is perfect to be paired with the selection of their wines and spirited drinks on their bar.
 Here are "some" of the steak on their display....
 While these are the treats that were waiting for us. The wonderful marbling of the steak is to die for!
 Their service was impeccable as well. They were all smiles and prompt with our needs. Special mention to their General Manager Mich for being the coolest manager that I ever encountered! :D
 Freshly Baked Loaf - This freshly baked bread comes in three flavors: Tomato, Parmesan, and Plain. Though I can't distinguish their difference when it comes to taste, eating it on its own is satisfying already. Who wouldn't like freshly baked breads anyway? It was served with cream cheese and herbed butter too.
Organic Baby Spinach Salad (550 pesos) - Made up of baby spinach leaves, sliced oranges and cherry tomato, walnut, blue cheese crumble and Parmesan crisp on a zesty salad dressing. This one took me by surprise, especially the crisp Parmesan cheese. Perfect starter for our meal because it gives us the light and refreshing flavor.
Sauteed Duck Liver (920 pesos) - When they are starting serving the appetizers, my eyes were carefully watching this treat from afar. It may sound and looked simple, but oh boy! This is such a heaven sent from above dish. I have tried different foie gras already, but this one is probably one of the best. The foie gras was perfectly seasoned on its own. While the apple chutney and maple lemon glaze gives it some citrus-y kick!
 CRU Crab Cakes (690 pesos) - Golden crispy crab cakes served with apple slaw and cajun remoulade. Even this appetizer alone can be a dish on its own. 
 Salmon Tartar (650 pesos) - You know that I am not a fan of tartar. I'm not saying it's not good, but I guess I'm just not comfortable on eating raw foods. But to put up an unbiased review, I tried. What I observed with this one is the clean taste of the Salmon Tartar. No after fishy taste compared to those I've tried from others. 
 Seared US Scallops (730 pesos) - One of my favorites during the appetizer sampling. Gigantic scallops, seared on both sides with hollandaise sauce. The scallops were really heavenly!
 Seared Yellow Fin Tuna (650 pesos) - I didn't have the chance to try this, but I guess that's the indicator that it's really good that the plate wasn't able to make it to our side. haha!
 Lump Crab Cocktail (690 pesos) - I find this one too plain for my liking, but for some reason Boyfie enjoyed this a lot. 
 Chilled Ocean Shrimp (680 pesos) - Now this one I liked better. I'm such a sucker for shrimps. I even ignored the sides that were served with it. Giant shrimps anyone?
 Certified Angus Beef Carpaccio (750 pesos) - Sliced Angus Beef served with Parmesan cheese, organic arugula, and tarragon dressing.
 Tuna Tartar - This one almost tasted  like the Salmon Tartar, but on this appetizer, they elevated the dish by putting some wasabi on the sauce (If I remember it right). We also thought that the ones on top is an egg yolk, but it's not. Pretty kewl right? :)
 Organic Tomatoes (580 pesos) - Huge and sweet baby tomatoes in one plate served with balsamic dressing and marinated feta cheese. 
 Shrimp Gumbo Soup (370 pesos) - Festive of flavors in one. This soup is served with bits of fragrant rice, minced vegetables and different spices. It was a bit spicy for my standards, but if you have high tolerance with spicy foods, then try this comforting dish. 
 Caramelized Onion Soup (350 pesos) - Boyfie was hesitant in trying out this soup since it was made with onion. Thinking that it will taste as strong as it used to be when it's raw. But NO. This is such a heart warming soup. Sweet and mellow, with gooey mozarella cheese on the bottom. nomnomnom!
 Wild Mushroom Soup (390 pesos) - GREATEST EVER! Mixture of thick and creamy wild mushroom soup and drizzled with truffle oil. I am not a hard core fan of truffle, because I feel that I'm having gasoline if I'm having truffles. nyahah! But never in my wildest imagination that I will love truffle like in this soup. I can even have this as a dextrose. hahahahaha!!!
 US Certified Angus Beef Prime Rib Steak (900 grams / 5400 pesos) - Each 900 grams were served with 5 CRU side dishes, 2 sauces, and carved table side.
 A dedicated carver will be there to slice your steaks in front of you. 
 Ofcourse, the done-ness of the steak will be based on your preference. 
 Each steak purely cooked with love! naks! The perfect roasting on each side was made to give you a pleasurable dining experience. 
 There are a variety of side dishes to choose from: Truffle Mac and Cheese, Grilled Organic Sweetcorn, Organic Sweet Corn on the cob, corn and pepper hash, grilled portobello mushrooms, creamed spinach, steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce, green beans pancetta, organic steamed broccoli, honey glazed organic baby carrots, fried onion rings, black truffle risotto, warm organic tomato salad, and selections of potato sides. (My top favorites were on the bold format) 
 Black Peppercorn, Forest Mushroom, Bearnise, Shiraz, Spicy Tomato and Onion, CRU Blue Cheese Sauce are the choices of their steak sauce. But I simply prefer pairing it with good ol' sea salt to enjoy its fuller steak flavor. 
A free exhibition in front of you, if you had their Banana Flambe. :D
 Fished Product..
 But I'd rather devour myself with their Praline Log dessert...
 Or this Chocolate Mousse,
 With layers of equally delicious cream. I liked this better since it was salted caramel. arghhh!!
 Or have this gigantic chocolate cake instead? Yes?
 And special thanks to my friends in Instagram who liked my photo for these colorful macarons! And apologies to my friends in viber whom I bugged with stickers just to like my photo. HAHAHAHAHA!!! 
 Bloggers in Action! Meeting new friends is one of the nicest feelings! 
 And don't forget to take some shots with these instagram worthy dishes by Cru. 
Special Thanks to Zomato for the invite, Marriott Manila, and the whole staff of Cru Steakhouse! 
See you in my dreams you gorgeous steak! 

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