Seafood Galore at Dampa sa Libis!

by - March 23, 2015

Last Valentine's Day is probably one of the most unusual Valentine's Day that Aldrin and I had. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably read about our previous celebrations we had and yes, mostly are buffet. 
 When boyfie asks where I wanted to celebrate it, I simply said something like the seafood we had in Boracay for Paluto. He was also surprised when I gave him that answer. He asked me a couple of times if I'm sure. I even said that I hate to embrace all the traffic in Manila if ever, especially it's a Payday-Saturday-Valentines Day combo. URGH! But he insisted that we can dine at HEAT so it's closer to us or Spiral like the usual. Little did he know that I'm searching for some hashtags on instagram about Dampa sa Libis. (especially the buttered shrimps. GAHD!)
 Upon reading with other blogs, Dampa sa Libis is on top of the list. It is clean and sanitized, huge dining area and parking lot. Don't expect some fancy shmancy type cause you know, it's a Dampa right? They have two dining areas. The al fresco and the air conditioned that can maxed up to 700-800 diners
The air conditioned room is small compared to the one outside, so if you want to stay in a cooler place better go here as early as possible. We went around 11 am to dine for lunch, and I must say, it's one of the greatest decision ever. Aside from the fact that we avoided all the traffic, the place was packed after 30 minutes. 
 But of course, before anything else, you have to shop for your goods before directly seating on your table. The in-house market is clean and well categorized according to variety. You can see that other stalls were not open since it's still early but everything you need is readily available from the stalls that opens early. 
The process is as follows. Buy everything you want, weigh it, and decide what type of dish you want them to cook for you. You can choose between 1 or 1/2 kilo for a corresponding price per dish. Since we were just two, I asked them if I can split a 1/2 kilo of seafood for 2 kinds of cooking preparation. Yes, it is allowed but it is still counted and charged as two. 
 Tiger Prawns..
 Suahe (perfect for Buttered Shrimp! YUM!!!)
 Boyfie was shocked when I told him that there is such thing as gay crab. He didn't believe me at first, but when he saw this signage, he was surprised that I am not lying at all! :D
 Tons of shell fishes and more!
 Here's our total bill: 1 piece of lady crab (Szechuan), 1/2 kilo of Tiger Prawn (1/4 for Tempura and 1/4 for Sinigang), 1 Kilo of Suahe (Buttered Shrimps), 1/4 Kilo of Mussels (Baked Tahong). The price above is not the total bill since we had to go back again for the crab. (Additional: more or less 500 pesos from the above receipt.)
 Upon paying at the cashier, you will be asked for what "Paluto" you want it to be. Then they will give you this number.
 Aside from the usual paluto, they already have ready made dishes that you can try.

 Garlic Fried Rice (140 pesos) - This serving is good for 3-4 persons already. haha. 
 Sinigang na Hipon (1/4 Kilo of the Tiger Prawn) - Boyfie really wanted to order Sinigang na Hipon because it's his favorite dish of the Tiger Prawns. The Sinigang was good, and you can really taste the freshness of the seafoods, but then again, it lacks some tamarind flavor and tasted somewhat an artificial flavoring? Okay, I don't make sense anymore. haha! But still, it was good! Tiger Prawn is perfect for Sinigang like this one! 
Buttered Shrimp (1/2 kilo of Hipon Suahe) - OH BOY! This is what I am talking about!!! Our favorite during the entire feast! The buttered shrimp was just so heavenly! The thick sweet,salty butter sauce was so divine! Make sure to choose the hipon suahe for this dish so you can smother the thin skin on the sauce. Must Try! 
 Tempura (1/4 kilo of Tiger Prawn) - Though I've read somewhere that the tempura at Dampa should be ignored, I can't help myself but to try and see for myself. And they were actually right. I am not saying it's bad, but it's not good either. The batter was too thick that you can't appreciate the crispiness anymore. It's like you are eating a chicharon. haha! But paired with the sauce, it's decent enough. 
 Szechuan Crab (1 piece of Crab) - Man, this is a contender between our number one spot. It's actually just a strand of hair decision between the Buttered Shrimp. It's so good! It even reminded me of the crabs we have tried in Chinese Restaurants. The sauce was good and can be viand on its own. How about the crab? 
 Aligue all the way! *once in a while lang naman! hahaha! :P
 Baked Tahong (1/4 mussels) - One of the dish that I can't wait to try! I'm such a fan of Baked Tahong but not this one. Yes, it was generously topped with garlic and cheese, but it doesn't have any butter on top! Who does Baked Tahong without butter on top anyway? huhu! *but it is still good though! 
Fresh Buko  (40 pesos) - This was served when we're almost finished already. haha! 
 Leche Flan (110 pesos) - I also read that, YOU MUST TRY their Leche Flan. I was curious since for me, all Leche Flans are the same. But a sneaky me cannot resist trying it for myself and would you believe that it's the greatest leche flan that I ever tried? It's so smooth, creamy and rich. Melts in your mouth! Promise!
 For less than 2000 pesos (seafoods + paluto already) we had such a fantastic feast!!! And oh, don't think that we consumed that all. As you all know, we are well-trained with buffets, but we still can't manage to finish everything. We had tons of take home after. I think, our food can be shared with 4-5 regular eaters. Super sulit! 

I really can't contain my happiness with all these freshest seafoods! I really can't wait to go back! 

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  1. So close yet so far, now I'm really dying to eat at the nearest Dampa from our house, which is actually this one! Thanks for the detailed and awesome write up on the place. :)

    1. You're welcome Anne! I promise, you will not be disappointed at Dampa! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Rosemarie!

      Super! Sarap magkamay! haha! :D

  3. I miss eating at Dampa. We always have those buttered shrimps every time. It's one of my favorites.

    1. Same here Lou Ann! The buttered shrimps are so heavenly!!!

  4. Ang lapit ko lang dito pero hindi ko pa rin natatry!


    1. It's the perfect time! Gow Neri! Super worth every peso! Sulit! ;)

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  6. You just made me crave for seafood! Shrimps please!

  7. Very nice write up for Dampa sa Libis. I worked for Dampa sa Libis many years ago as their R&D... I miss working there.


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