Rita's Ice Custard Happiness @ Greenhills!

by - March 20, 2015

Just like every other food hubs that came from other countries, Rita's is one of those that took Filipinos by storm when it arrived here in the Philippines last November of 2014.
 Originated in United States with over hundreds of stores, no wonder that it is labeled as the most popular Italian Ice store in US. Since it's on our way that time, boyfie and finally tried their offerings.
 The place is small. But no worries since half of the customers prefer to have it as to go. The interiors were bright and relaxing, while the service is so-so. I feel the coldness of their service just like their products. hehe!
Cookie Dough Ice with Chocolate Custard Gelati (130 pesos) - I honestly expected a lot from this one hearing good raves with their ice offerings, but I was a bit disappointed. The Cookie Dough Ice was really smooth and refreshing. Perfect for summer weather. But it seems that I'm eating fine ice with sugars. The cookie dough flavor was not that prominent when it comes to its taste too. If ever I'll be trying their gelati again, I guess I will order the fruity versions next time.
Chocolate Frozen Custard Sundae (160 pesos) - Now this is what I'm talking about. Even though I was disappointed by the first one, now this is a great comeback! This is probably part of my list when it comes to great chocolate ice cream. The texture was really thick, smooth and super chocolatey! Their sundae comes with two toppings of your choice, whipped cream and cherry on top. I choose to have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&M's! I have to commend the hefty amount of toppings they put on this one. Great job! :)

Check out their menu! For more details, see their page here

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