Quick Grub at Madeca, Podium

by - March 18, 2015

This visit is a long overdue. I only realized that I haven't posted any reviews with Madeca (Okay, excuses. haha!) This is when the time when I asked boyfie to join me in the cinema to watch Feng Shui 2 (and it's pretty good).
 We were about to dine at Brasas but we have limited time to indulge ourselves with heavy meals. But to be honest, Madeca has been on my must visited list for a looooong time already. 
 Everything on their menu is affordable and straight to the point. No frills, just pure comfort food. 
 I loved how they have their wooden number for their customers.
 Spinach Mushroom Quesadilla (125 pesos) - We started our snack with a light and cheesy quesadilla. It was generously filled with cheese, spinach and mushroom, and served with chips and salsa. I will surely order this the next time!
 Sisig Burrito (225 pesos) - This is the dish that I wanted to order even from the start. I have been reading really good feedbacks with this one. And in all fairness, it did not disappoint! The sisig filling was really generous and flavorful when it comes to flavor. The serving size can be good for two as well! 
Lechon Kawali (265 pesos) - If there is LK on the menu, then Aldrin will order that fosho! And sadly, it was really disappointing. The LK was really bland at all. I don't mean to be harsh but it's really tasteless. :( Oh well, I guess it's boyfie's fault anyway. What can you expect from a Filipino food in a Mexican place right? hehe!

But in general, we still enjoyed their food and place. I can't seem to mind anymore their LK since their service crew was really outstanding! For more details, you can visit their page here.

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