Movie Review: The Kingsman Secret Service

by - March 18, 2015

I almost forgot that I have some space here on my blog for movie reviews. haha! My blog is currently rotating in food reviews recently. Watching cinema is one of our favorites aside from eating. One of our favorite part is the trailers since we can have some idea for the upcoming show that might get our attention. We always allot 15 minutes early to make sure that we can watch all the upcoming shows and The Kingsman Secret Service is one of those. 

This movie directed by Matthew Vaughn surely catches our attention and we were both glad that the movie is worth watching for! The movie is about a organization that trains and protecting everyone from the "bad guys". The movie line was kinda entertaining and one of a kind twist. Though I wasn't impressed with the effects on their fighting scenes itself (since I was expecting the literal morbit and bloody happenings, because the graphics is kinda funny), I was able to appreciate it by the time we finished the movie. I guess they actually did that intentionally to have a lighter scenes that can be suitable for majority of viewers. If I'm going to rate this movie, I will give this 8/10. ;)

See their trailer here

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