Crystal Jade Shanghai Delights @ Greenhills!

by - March 31, 2015

Never in my life I win in any raffle. Not until the moment that our friends from Crystal Jade Dining IN had a raffle and luckily, the jinx spell on me has been broken thanks to our friends from Crystal Jade Dining IN!
It's our first time going in there Greenhills branch. Which is widely popular for their XLB offerings. (now available in the BGC branch. yay!)
Still, my vote when it comes to greatest XLB goes to Crystal Jade. :)
For a change, we tried their Crispy Noodles. This is my favorite when it comes to noodles. Crispy Noodles served with thick noodle sauce on the side. Different playful textures in your mouth. Crispy and saucy at the same time! 
Lechon Macau - You know that boyfie ordered this one right? haha! Crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. I also appreciate that it's not oily at all and has thin layers of fat. (Since others usually have half equal part of fats.). But boyfie still dreaming of dipping this one on liver sauce (Mang Tomas). Yeah, we know that this is a Chinese Restaurant so no one to blame! ;)
Since I devour myself with 1 basket of XLB, I decided to order the lighter one. Fish and Tofu (forgot the exact name though). A medley of Chinese spices on their fresh and custard like tofu, plus the tender chunks of fish. Perfect this Lenten Season! :)

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