Wedding 101: Start of Something New

by - February 08, 2015

I actually had a hard time thinking if I'll be putting a section in the blog where I can share the wedding preps that we are doing for our wedding. I'm torn in between because of course, I want to make it private but then, there is a side of me where I want to share my experience and tips eventually for the brides to be out there. (But ofcourse, not to giveaway everything). But before that, let me share you our love story! NAKS! haha!
Aldrin and I were the classic love story example. We are high school lovers met during our 2nd year and started our relationship on our 3rd year high school days. It's true enough that great relationship started as friends. (I'm not generalizing it, but based on our experience.) But would you believed that I actually hated him when we first met? Here's a little story, I was the Class President and I'm usually in front of the class while the teacher is not yet around while reprimanding my noisy classmates and he is one of them. When I told him to be quiet (he is a transferred student back then) he suddenly sneers to me and blabber words to himself. That's when I started to hate him. haha! 
To cut the long story short, he became part of our barkada. Akalain mo yun! haha! He is pretty nice to me but I don't find him "crushable" that time, since I was crushing with the other guy that likes me back. (taray! haha! ) But little do I know that, Aldrin likes me already. But all along I thought he was just kind because he's always asking me to copy his Math answers. hahahahaha! (And yes, I hate math--A LOT)

We don't actually consider our relationship as a perfect one, like everyone sees it as it to be. We've been through a lot of problems, through thick and thin (even literally) that tested our relationship. But one thing is for sure, we don't let problems ruin our relationship. Just like what the saying goes "Relationships last not because they were destined to last. Relationship last long because two people made a choice to keep it, fight for it, and work for it."
Last June 30, 2014 is our 9th Year Anniversary which we celebrated at Infinity Resort (See here). All along, he will already propose to me that time and I was secretly waiting. hahaha. But no, it didn't happened. hahahahaha!
And finally during my birthday last November 15, he finally proposes in front of my family! huhu! Everyone knows about the upcoming proposal, he already informed everyone and talked with my Dad one on one weeks before! (It took a lot of courage for him to do that. Trust me!) That night is surreal and magical. I can still remember every bits of it. And still feeling kilegers everytime. haha! Now the proposal is done, now what's next? :o

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  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyy! Congratulations! Daniel proposed to me on my birthday as well - the traditional Filipino way of doing a proposal. haha which is surprising cause hubby is American. But diba, super kakakilig, when your bf mag propose in front of your whole Family? Congrats again. *kisses*

    1. Hey Honey! Sorry for the delay with my response. Thanks for the greetings anyways! It seems that the moment just happened yesterday. haha! Nakakakilig everytime I'm thinking about it. Family proposal is one of the sincerest. Thanks again dear! :* :* :*


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