Delightful Steak Escape @ Vittorio's Steakhouse!

by - February 10, 2015

Who would have thought that there's a great tasting steak here in Kamuning? 
Vittorio's Steakhouse Is not actually hard to locate. This place even though they are not along the highway. But the landmark that I can give you is the street of Kamuning with Chowking and salon along the way. Turn that way and you'll see Vittorio's Steakhouse around 30 steps away.
 The place is chill and laid back and surely not a fancy steak house. 
But nevertheless, the place is good for a meal and good conversation. Their wifi is pretty fast as well! Hehe!
 This is one of the interesting paintings that you will see in their restaurant that is available for sale. The paintings were made by high school students and all the profits will go to these talented youngsters. Good job!
 Chop Noodle Salad (190 pesos)- This one was so-so to me. I loved to give this place a 5, but -.5 for this. I'm not saying it's not good, but I guess my tastebuds don't appreciate the salad/noodles and miso dressing in one. 
 Butter Garlic Shrimp (270 pesos)- Oh boy this is the bomb! Your visit is not complete without this (and steak ofcourse!) The actual serving size was half of the photo above, but I'm telling you it's really delish! It has the right of spiciness and salty flavor on the toasted garlic on top. Probably the best shrimp gambas that I've tried!
 Beef Salpicao (325 pesos)- Thinly sliced beef on a soy based sauce. Perfect for starters or viand itself. But my vote still goes to the Shrimp. ;)
 Crab and Shrimp Pizza (299 pesos)- Home made dough topped with a generous amount of gooey cheese and shrimps. 
 Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza (275 pesos)- This one may seem to be weird at first but surprisingly, everyone loved it! The peanut butter sauce has a itsy bitsy hint of spiciness that even non spicy food lover will love. The peanut butter was on their dough topped with greens that was tossed in asian dressing is really addicting! 

 Clam Pasta (320 pesos)- It was good! I actually craved for this one the day after. Though I prefer this one to dash up with some salt, BAMMM! Really good! The salty garlic used was the one in their deadly gambas. 
 Steak Rice (comes with every order of steaks) - I have to commend their steak rice. Really flavorful! "Kanin pa lang, ulam na!" It's way way way better than Mamou's version! (See here)
 Check out the marbling of this gorgeous steak!
LOOK AT THAT! Sinful Rib Eye Porter (980 grams / 2590 pesos) with fatty trimmings and cooked medium as its doneness. Soft, flavorful and tender. Three words that popped up in our minds. Definitely worth its price! Please note that there is no standard price for the steak because it is still depends on the steak that was delivered on that day.
 Another worth mentioning is the chicharon bits on top! GAHHHD!!!
 It was said to be comparable to Mamou's steak, and I have to agree. (With a cheaper price too!) 
Banana Split (199 pesos)- No special note about this dessert but a great sweet treat is a perfect meal ender right!? :)

Vittorio's Steak House Menu

If you are looking for quality yet affordable steaks, need I say more? Better check out Vittorio's Steakhouse!

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  1. Looks like all are delicious! Kaya lang parang namahalan ako sa steak haha! Hopefully I'll be able to dine here soon! :)

  2. Everything looks good, but what really caught my attention are those buttered shrimps! Great photos by the way.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these details and reviews about Vittorio's Steakhouse. This pizza and pasta place has amazing interiors. Their pizza also looks yummy. I love visiting such food venues to taste special dishes. I’ll visit there this month for sure.


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