Pistachio Avocado Cheesecake by Pellegrino's!

by - January 28, 2015

If you are working or located in Makati Area, most probably you have heard of the name Pellegrino's. To be exact, it is Pellegrino's Roasted Chicken that is popular for their food trays that is good to go. Specializing in Roasted Chicken that also offers pastas, salads, bbq, and different rice meals upon requests.
 But now, they are taking another step higher as they launched their new addition to their line. Cakes by Pellegrino's! The friendly owner Abbie and his hubby were kind enough to send a boy of cake to our doorstep and let us taste their new product. I am torn choosing between their Choco Hazelnut, but for a change, I tried their Pistachio Avocado Cheesecake because I find it really interesting.
 The cake was delivered by City Delivery and I guess the driver encountered some fights with bumpy roads along the way that's why you may noticed that the cake collapsed a bit. Though I think it's a once in a blue moon instance since I've seen that others received their cakes on its best shape, I still recommend picking up your cake at Pellegrino's just to make sure.
I honestly don't know what to expect since it is my first time trying out an Avocado Cheesecake and in all fairness, it did not disappoint! I liked that the Avocado flavor has just the right amount and did not overpower the flavor of the cheesecake itself. If there is one thing I think they should improve is the icing on the side, since it's not like the creamy icing one, because this one has this sugar-y texture. But their crust is something I also must commend since it's not just some crushed biscuit alone, but you can taste bits of nuts on it to give it a nicer texture. But my favorite amongst the cake is the heaping amount of pistachio nuts on top!  I tell you, even though I am wearing braces, it did not stop me for indulging on this treat!
Here's the list of their cakes! You may also visit their page here for more details! :)

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