Gourmet Turon by The Sweet Life in Angono Rizal!

by - January 30, 2015

Still surprises us up to now that there's tons of food hubs in Angono Rizal that's sprouting like mushrooms! Though Angono may be popular on its own as the Art Capital of the Philippines and the colorful Higantes Festival during town fiesta, it's becoming more and more popular with different restaurant like the cafe that we recently visited.
 Turonne de Manila or the "Gourmet Turon" is a food venture that started in Mercato Central that got the interest of the sweet tooth and curious adventurers alike. The bubbly owner of the cafe Nicole welcomed us with a great chat regarding the business. The inspiration for this Gourmet Turon is the delicate french dessert Eclair. His uncle made a twist to it and created the Filipino version.
The Sweet Life is located right beside Richmond Subdivision in Angono Rizal right above the newly opened Pizza Hut. It's a place where you can have a great chat and catch up sessions with friends.
 The interiors were very chic and homey and can accommodate a good number of customers especially beyond 5 oclock where they offer al fresco dining. Wifi is available for those who will ask. ;)
 Knit knats decorations, framed pictures and books are also present in their cafe. You can also read and check their books while staying on their cafe.
 They try to personalize every detail as much as possible like this CCTV signage. Kyot! :D
 The Sweet Life offers a variety of menu selections. Though this one is not yet updated, I was informed that they will be upgrading their menu and adding more choices like pasta, rice meals, panini, and picka picka.
 Cookies and Cream Frappe | Black Forest (160 pesos each) - Rich blended drink, topped with their whipped cream. Though I wished this was served colder, the drink was actually good! Especially the whipped cream that reminded us of Coffee Bean's version. The price may be steep for some students, they also offer Milk Shakes that is equally affordable. I have to try and looking forward for their hot coffee next time. I've heard they have in-house barista and do latte arts as well.
 Pesto Cream Cheese Bacon Burger (80 pesos) - I have to be honest, when I saw this product on their Instagram, I instantly requested boyfie to go there. My dearest readers, you know how much I'm a fan and lover of pesto. In fact, I am really picky when it comes to pesto. But this burger is something you MUST NOT miss when visiting the cafe. The pesto cream is the "real deal". No shortcuts, just plain ol' good home made pesto cream cheese. The burger patty? Really flavorful and no extenders!

*Gourmet Turon Selections*
(35 pesos each)
 Salted Caramel Turon - You might wonder what's with the gourmet turon right? But not to make it complicated anymore is that, it is the classic Filipino favorite --turon. But it is beautifully topped with sinful cream, topped, drizzled or sprinkled with the particular flavor that you choose.This Salted Caramel is perfect for sweet tooth foodies out there. Especially if you can handle sweet caramelly flavor. Yum!
 Bacon - Maple Turon - Their best seller. B-A-C-O-N because why not?
 Cookies and Cream - I was informed that this is "the one" that started it all. ;)
Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry cream, strawberry on top, with chocolate. Personal favorite of the owner. 
 Turon with Ube - Can you say no to this colorful treat? And I've heard that they are planning to release more varieties soon! 
And oh! Did you know that they also been awarded as the Best in Dessert 2014 during the event of Mercato Central named: The Next Big Food Entrepreneur? 
 So Angono and Rizal Foodies, when are you planning to visit this one? Check their page here for more details.

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