Going Back Home @ Pancake House!

by - January 28, 2015

Hey Hey Foodies! I'm back! Apologies if I wasn't able to post something new on the blog. Very busy with wedding preps the past days, but I'm finally here once again! Will make it up to you, I promise! (kisses!)
 This first post for 2015 is something we are very much familiar with. I even think that it's probably one of the most loved restaurants here in the Philippines. Pancake House! wohooo! Who wouldn't anyway? From the classic goodness of delicious comfort foods any time of the day is now even better now that they are tied up with Max's Group Inc (Including Teriyaki Boy and Dencio's) *even noticed their new sexy logo?
 Wasn't able to take a whole shot of their newly opened branch in Capitol Commons but the place is really laid back and breezy. You might even notice a big change with their interiors like the posters on the wall, etc. But the beautiful wooden interiors is still present to give everyone a homey feeling.
 A pancake house visit will never be complete without the classic, unbeatable fluffy Classic Pancake (144 pesos) of Pancake House. You can never go wrong with this one! Way, way better that others that came all the way from the states! (if you know what I mean).
 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (180 pesos) - It's really funny that every time we go to Pancake House, we always thought that the sauce is too little. But it always proves us wrong! You might as well that the sauce is too little, but mind you, underneath that pasta is the generous amount of spaghetti sauce that smothered all throughout the pasta strands. I won't get tired of saying this but, Pancake House still serves the meatiest spaghetti EVER! PERIOD.
 Hot Roast Beef (278 pesos) - I ordered this one because I can clearly remember the time I tried their roast beef. It is still exceptionally good. It has around 5 slices of roast beef smothered in their creamy mushroom sauce. I was surprised to see that it was served on a soft bread because I expected it to be served with rice, but nevertheless, Roast Beef is Roast Beef and I still enjoyed it. haha!
 Pork Vienna (246 pesos) - Boyfie tried this one since it's one of their best sellers. Breaded lean pork fried 'til golden brown and served with coleslaw. We were both surprised how huge is their serving size! No kidding aside but this dish is good for two already! Some even order this and add extra rice and shared it for two pax. People nowadays, tends to think that Pancake House is somewhat on the expensive side. But come to think of it guys, the serving size and quality of their food speaks for itself already!
 Best Taco in Town (110 pesos) - This is the first time that I have to try their famous taco. I even wondered why it was labeled as such. Upon getting my first bite, I knew instantly that the taco shell was the one that made a huge difference from others. It is firm and crispy that holds the filling properly. The taste of the taco shell has a flavor on its own. It was filled with hefty amount of taco meat sauce, coleslaw, cheese and tomatoes! 

Pancake House Menu

Better drop by the nearest Pancake House near you. Or visit their page here for more details.

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  1. I love Jumbo house burger and Fiesta taco salad..! Yumm!!! my fave foods in Pancake house..:)


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