Revisiting my first love --- Yakimix! :)

by - December 05, 2014

There's a sprouting numbers of buffets all throughout the Metro, but before we had the luxury to choose as what we have now, there is one of the first well loved buffet---Yakimix.
All of us know Yakimix, grilling and buffet at the same time. Its like visiting an old friend that I haven't seen for 4 years.
Widely popular for their crystal chandelier and elegantly designed interiors. 
We were welcomed by their various items available for grilling.
We were seated in this area of the buffet more intimate and private than the other side of the buffet that is perfect for big groups. Their area is quite huge and spacious.

So let me show you their dishes available for grilling:
See that enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon? Yup, that's the reason why I insisted of going here. 
I really missed these! Favorite! :)

Cooked foods are also available across the side of the grilling items but I failed to take some photos because I was too happy with my enoki mushrooms! haha
Sushi boat is always a pleaser in the eyes!
 Different rolls..
Sashimis and cold salads.
Tempura ofcourse!
Salads and Fruit station
Dessert station that I believed they should improve and pay more attention.
Gummies and Chocolate fountain station..
Halo Halo station can be improved in terms of presentation.

Moving on with the food, here's "some" of the goodies we tried during our visit.
Assorted items on the grilling pan. I think we had 5x round of these. HAHAHA!
I always love pairing my grilled items in my own concoction of satay sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce in one. Just like what I'm doing in Tong Yang. Try it! Its really good! Just adjust the taste based on your preference. :)
I also tried some of their cooked dishes :)
Overall, we still had a enjoyable stay in Yakimix. Don't expect that the selections would be as wide as other non buffets such as Vikings or Buffet 101
But if you're the type of person who easily gets overwhelm with big buffets, then Yakimix is the perfect buffet for you since they offer ample set yet satisfying dishes.See their page here

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  1. Great review! May I know what branch is it? Hoping for your response. TIA! :)

    1. Hey dear! Apologies for the delay with my response. That's their branch in Podium. :)


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