New Restaurant Alert! K & L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes!

by - December 17, 2014

One of the closest places here in my heart is surely Baguio. Not just with the cold inviting weather, but of course, with tons of sprouting number of restaurants every corner. You will surely see how we enjoyed Baguio's offerings here
 See that? Who would have thought that the foods we love can be found here in Manila? 
No, you don't have to travel 6 hours straight just to try and feel that Baguio vibe.
 K & L Cafe (stands for the sisters named Karen & Loren) is also the one behind the popular Blushing Cupcake store. A cool trivia that I learned is that, Blushing Cupcakes were named in their store since when they transferred here in Manila from Baguio, their cheeks were always blushing because they are used to cold weather. Too adorable! :D
The place can maxed at 40 guests comfortably. You may also notice that they have a second floor if you prefer to eat there, OR, reserve their function rooms for 20 pax and avail their buffet that ranges from 300-500 pesos per day! Affordable right?
  The place was homey and really spacious. You wouldn't feel cramped in their place. The high ceiling and wooden interiors give the place a laid back feeling. Perfect for those who were looking for a great spot to enjoy their meal in a peaceful ambiance.
 Another thing that you must have from their restaurant is their goodies straight from Baguio. (Of course Strawberries is not part of that since it's perishable). Care to have the famous sundot kulangot anyone? :D
 We stayed here in this area below the rustic creation of Loren. 

Below are the sample of cupcakes on their fridge. 

There's a lot of interesting goodies in their fridge such as this Red Velvet Cookies!
Open Faced Cordon Bleu with Cream Sauce (239 pesos) - They don't have the usual take when serving the Cordon Bleu. Served with mountain red rice and sidings, what they did is that they served the breaded chicken open faced, topped with crunchy bacon and topped with creamy sauce! The chicken was great on its own. But it's even better when we pour the sauce all over the chicken. Boyfie really enjoyed this dish! :)
Daddy's Bourbon American Ribs (295 pesos) - If boyfie preferred the previous one, then my bet goes to this dish. I positioned myself to cut the meat using the knife provided, but surprisingly, the knife goes down the meat effortlessly. It's really tender! I think they cooked this whole day. It is "THAT" tender. Really melts in your mouth! It is generously drizzled with their savory sauce, sidings, extra sauce, and rice. I was informed that this is the most expensive dish from their menu. How affordable, right? Truly a comfort food yet light in the pocket at the same time!
Special Chicken Pesto Pasta (189 pesos) - The cafe has lots of things to offer including pasta. I really appreciate that they used and create their own pesto sauce and not just the processed ones that you can buy in the supermarkets. Though this dish may be needing a dash of salt to taste, nevertheless, the Pesto was good and generously topped with Parmesan cheese. And it's not oily too, so it's another plus! :)
Famous Strawberry Calamansi (95 pesos) / Baguio Honey & Calamansi Iced Tea (85 pesos) 
-Both were exceptionally good and really refreshing!
We also got to try their Maple Caramel Latte (105 pesos) I was completely shocked when they served this to us. It's really huge! Comparable or even bigger than Starbucks venti drink. A lover of coffee like me appreciate this drink so much. The coffee beans came all the way to Sagada. It has a strong and clean coffee flavor that is equally enjoyable when you mixed all the cream and caramel on top! nom!
Red Velvet Cheesecake (117 pesos?) - What is K & L Cafe without their famous Blushing Cupcakes right? This adorable heart shaped red velvet surely captures my attention!
Each cupcake was playfully decorated. Perfect for giveaways, tokens, or event sweet treats for someone! 
Make sure to check it out!
French Vanilla Latte (105 pesos) - If you need a perk me up drink at K & L Cafe, then this is the one. Creamy latte topped with cold whipped cream and brown sugar. Hot and Cold at the same time, that gives a harmony in every sip!
I told you it's good. Believe me, this is a candid shot when boyfie is devouring himself to that drink. hahaha! PEACE! :)))
With the two lovely ladies behind K & L Cafe! Thanks for having us Karen and Loren! We really had a great time! Thanks for bringing Baguio 10 minutes away from the office! :)

For more information, Visit their page here

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  1. It's been a long time and this place still has the best meal I've had in years. I never knew there were so many different kinds of divine items to try at Boston restaurants. We came with son and friend. A good time was had by all. I highly recommend them.


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