Must Try Cakes this Christmas Season by Purple Oven!

by - December 23, 2014

Hello Everyone! 2 days to go before Christmas! Do you any particular cake that you're planning to put on your feast? The biggest question for me way back whenever we have celebrations at home is: "What cake I should buy?" Since for me, every celebrations especially birthday needs to have cake
I got a 4 personal message through my personal facebook account and 1 PM to tetadventurer's facebook page and asking for ideas when it comes to cake this coming Christmas and New Year. I immediately thought of Purple Oven. I don't have to stress it out, but yes, for those who didn't know, Purple Oven is the one that supplies the Cake, Donuts and Savory pies at Starbucks. (shhhhhh!) Well, it's not a secret anymore in the internet right? haha! 
 When I discovered them years back, I didn't think twice going to their pioneer store which in Oranbo, Pasig I got overwhelmed with the number of cakes on their display (well, in that picture, it's half empty already. haha!) I promised myself that I will try all of their cakes! Because of so much love with their cakes, I was being asked if they are sponsoring me for this, but NO,  HOW I WISH! hahaha!
 Rustic Chocolate Torte (780 pesos) - My number one favorite from all the cakes I've tried from Purple Oven. I even labeled it as BEST.CAKE.EVER. This cake has different thin sans rival-like layers, cream in between, huge chewy chunks of chocolate, generous amount of pecan nuts and their famous light and milky whipped cream with almond slivers on the side. I'm telling you, YOU MUST TRY THIS. (Click here for the full post)
 White Chocolate Sans Rival (780 pesos) - If the previous one was my favorite, then this is boyfie's number cake. Since he's a fan of white chocolate and fan of sans rival, combine into one, what more he can ask for? During my high school days, I am sucker of sans rival and I have to say, this is way beyond than other commercialized sans rival out there. Light butter cream icing on the side, then topped with gooey white chocolate icing!
 Banoffee Pie (680 pesos) - A memorable cake indeed. Why? This is the first cake I've tried at Purple Oven that made me love the store up to now. I am a fan of Starbucks Banoffee Pie and when they told me that Purple Oven has a huge version of Starbuck's, I immediately go to Pasig and devoured myself to this one! (Click here for the full post)
 If you always bitin with Starbucks version, then why not have this one for a cheaper price? The layers of cream, banana, chocolate, and butterscotch-like cream! Heaven in my mouth!
 Grandma's Chocolate Cake (600 pesos) - I'm sure this cake is the most popular since it's still part of the regular cake in Starbucks. I honestly don't mind taking even a slice because I find it too plain just by looking, but when boyfie gave me a box of this one, it proved me wrong!
Soft and moist chocolate cake enveloped in chocolate icing with layers of not too sweet yema/caramel filling that makes the cake more enjoyable!
 Turtle Pie (680 pesos) - This one was the least favorite from the list. I'm not sure if it's because we had a bad batch or what, but when we tried this one the chocolate crust was really dry and the worst part is, the pecan nuts were stale already. :( Click here for the full post)
 But then, the whipped and chocolate cream was equally enjoyable. Still open to trying out this one the next one! :)
 Oreo Cheesecake (820 pesos) - I quite expected a lot from this cake but this one was so-so to me. I don't know if I'm just used with no baked cheesecake or what, but I find this one on the dense side.
But if you prefer the denser side of the cheesecake with the layers of oreo crust, chocolate ganache with whipped cream on the sides, then try this!
 Honeycomb Crunch Cake (720 pesos) - Since my Dad is not a fan of sweets, I decided to give this to him during his birthday. A really white and light cake that was served with huge honeycomb candy separately.
 It's up to you if you want to decorate it just like what I did above (haha!). Two soft chiffon cake with light icing all over the cake with bits of honeycomb in between is surprisingly enjoyable to me! (Click here for the full post)
 Dark Mocha Sans rival (780 pesos) -This one was the other sister from another mother of the White Chocolate Sans Rival. Since I am in outside event, I wasn't able to take a whole shot of the cake. :( Credits here for the photo.
 But just like what you can see, the cake has thin layers of sansrival, cream, bits of chocolate and covered with dark chocolate. The chocolate was good, but as a fan of Dark Chocolate, I'm still looking for more bitterness of the chocolate outside.
 Chocolate Campfire (600 pesos) - One of the cakes that I don't even bother tasting. I even wondered why other people love this cake so much? All I can see is a cake with marshmallow icing. *ack!!* Just by looking at the picture, I know that this cake is tooooooo sweet! Credits here for the photo.
 But upon receiving a slice and trying just a bite, now I know why a lot of people loves this. Though I still give my vote for Rustic Chocolate Torte, this is pretty good as well. Moist chocolate cake with thick chocolatey icing in between plus bits of chocolate too! Credits here for the photo.
 Chocolate Dome Cake (680 pesos) - This is the cake that I've been meaning to try because I was intrigued with the dome shape it has and pretty designs outside. But I'm quite disappointed when I tried it. Credits here for the photo.
 I was surprised to see that there's two different layers on this one, but the mousse didn't suffice. It has an odd texture that it seems like a marshmallow icing at all. meh. But if you like those kinds, then gow! :D Credits here for the photo.
Chocolate Lava Cakes (6s / 450 pesos) If you're not in a mood for cake then you can also try these gorgeous. Mind you, it's better than it looks! This is really chocolatey that you will tend to cloy upon consuming more than 1! haha! Inside was a gooey and thick chocolate that it perfectly paired with vanilla ice cream! :) 

What I loved with Purple Oven is the affordable cakes that they offer. Sure, they are not priced like the pioneers cake store here in the Metro, but with Purple Oven, you'll surely be satisfied with every spoonful and bite of you! Don't worry if you're not in Pasig Area, they also expanded their branch in San Antonio Makati, Tomas Morato, and Nuvali! :)

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