Milk Cow finally here in the Philippines!!!

by - December 18, 2014

When I received the invite to feature Milkcow, I immediately googled everything which I usually do before going to bloggers event, so I would know what to expect and the background of the product that I will feature. Little do I know that, Milkcow is widely popular in lots of countries like Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan!
Milkcow is a premium organic dessert cafe that opened its doors for the Filipinos
on the 3rd week of December of this year at Eastwood City.
Since this product is new to me, what I expected is the usual tasting soft served vanilla ice cream. 
But it proved me so wrong on my very first bite!
With its theme having a black and white interiors, it makes the place really neat and vibrant to the eyes. 
And of course their adorable cow is something not to miss! :P
Upon arriving the store, you will notice the different sweets on the glass enclosed display.
Their macaron has lots of varieties such as Baileys, Peanut Butter and Jelly,  Chocolate, etc. But my favorite amongst is the Salted Caramel! The filling inside was really generous! I can eat Salted Caramel Macarons ANY time of the day!
But what got my interest is the honey comb on display that you can clearly see that some parts are still dripping! All of their honey comb was imported all the way to Korea! The honey that was being used in their ice cream is purely natural with no preservatives and no sugar added.
Before going to the cold ones, let's start first with the hot part! Milkcow don't just focus on ice cream alone but they do have coffees and breads. We tried their Cafe Latte and Hot Chocolate as per suggestion of their warm and friendly server.
Croissant with Pepperoni Pizza Spread - No kidding aside but so far, they have the flakiest croissants we've tried. They told us that they specifically added more butter so it will be more flaky and the bread can be enjoyable on its own.
Parmesan Basil Chicken - The pizza flavor is actually good, but then boyfie and I will give our votes to this one. The spread was really creamy and has chunks of chicken with basil and onions. Perfect for pesto lovers! :)
Milky Cube | M3 (170 pesos) - Labeled as their best sellers, I won't wonder why the moment I tried it. The interesting in this one is the cube of honey comb that was served with it. It's actually my first time trying out the "legit" honey comb. What I am familiar of is the one in the bottles and processed already! HAHA!  I asked the President of Milk Cow Philippines Mr. Seann Tan how to eat the honey comb. He told me that it depends on the harvest. (If you had the chunkier one or the softer one.) So it really depends whether you will eat the whole honey comb, or spit out the bits after. I can compare my experience of eating honey comb like eating a sponge soaked in honey. Once you take a bite, the honey extracts will oozes out! nom!
Macao Dream | M7 (170 pesos) - Okay, let's start first with the ice cream itself. What's so special with Milkcow's ice cream after all? Perfect description would be smooth, deliciously creamy and really milky! (IN A REALLY GOOD WAY) The ice cream was not too sweet that's why you will end up consuming your cup and wanting more of it!
This was served with almond crumble and macaron of your choice (take the salted caramel one!) This is purely my happiness in a cup! I turned the salted caramel macaron into bits and enjoyed it together with the crumbs of almond. Really delicious!
Snow Drop | M4 (150 pesos) - This will put a smile on a kiddo's face! (Even adults too!) Layers of Milkcow's delicious soft served ice cream, with jelly beans, sea salt and cotton candy! :D If you're ordering this for a kid, make sure to inform them to lessen or remove the sea salt (if desired). The only thing with this one is that, my braces won't cooperate with the jelly beans since it's hard already. haha!
Milky Pop | M12 (150 pesos) - Caramel popcorn, caramel syrup with Milkcow's perfectly sweet ice cream! 
Still can't get over up to this moment of writing!
Golden Angel | M11 (150 pesos) - This is boyfie's favorite because all of white chocolate pleasures are in one cup! Taste wise, it's still exceptional, But my only suggestion to this one is the chocolate that was used. What am I saying is the presentation, since the white chocolate nibbles and white chocolate morsels looked too plain when they are together, compared with the gorgeous presentation of the previous flavors. haha! :P
Yup, I agree! The best soft serve ice cream!
#SorryNotSorry! HAHA! I'm just really happy! You might wonder what's with Milkcow that made me rave this so much? Better visit their branch and see for yourself! I won't let you down! ;)
So this coming December 20, 2014, is the Grand Opening of Milkcow Philippines! Be sure to visit their store and be on the line at 2:00 pm because first 200 guests on the line will get FREE MILKCOW ICE CREAM OF THEIR CHOICE! :)
To the people behind Milkcow Philippines, for the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for bringing Milkcow here in the Philippines! This is surely my favorite ice cream up to date!
Milkcow's Menu
 Milkcow's drink and food menu
 Milkcow Philippines is open from 10 am - 12 midnight, located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall (beside California Pizza Kitchen).

Visit their page here

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  1. very nice post. this icecream looks amazing. I want this in my country! :)
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  2. I'll be in Manila next week and I'll definitely pay a visit. I dont know what to expect, but thanks to your post, it gave me a head's up and now I'm more excited to try it out! Great review :)

    Nezza RaffĂ­

  3. Thanks for this post! I was able to visit last Valentine's day

    1. I'm glad you were able to try Milk Cow Andrea! One of a kind ice cream! :)

  4. Thank you Tere! So informative and nice clicks.

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  6. This made me crave for Milkcow :(


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