Let's Go Vegetarian @ Agico Vegetarian Cafe!

by - December 23, 2014

Okay, you know how much boyfie and I spends our money and time eating. I am personally really cheapskate when it comes to material things, but for some reason, I don't feel the exact same thing with foods. Maybe because of the satisfaction and fullness we feel right after. We're not picky eaters at all, especially vegetables, I LOVE THEM! I really do! I guess that's why I am proud of myself when I also influenced boyfie to love veggies too! Connection to that one is the recent invite we received from Agico Vegetarian Cafe by Zomato Philippines. I was personally ecstatic when I received the news, because to be honest it is our first time trying out a Vegetarian Restaurant. But at the same time, I feel a bit worried for boyfie since you know, He's not yet a master when it comes to veggies. haha! (There's still veggies that he don't like as of the moment: Ampalaya, Okra and Talong)--but we'll get to that! *wink*
The wall interiors were filled with colorful and really cute drawings of foods that you can see in their restaurant! :)
They told us that they can maxed out the place at 45 pax, but then when we asked for the second time, they told us that it's around 60. Better go there to see for yourself. haha!
You may also notice this wall since they don't just offer cooked foods, but also coffees and vegan pastries.
Philadelphia Torch Maki (248 pesos) -  The feast was started by serving a classic California maki topped with torched cream cheese. I set my bars high upon tasting this one. It's a contrast between the fresh cucumber filling, their "meat", and the creamy tangy cream cheese. This is actually pretty good! :)
Crispy California Maki (248 pesos) - When I already gave my vote to the previous rolls, we were insisted to try their Crispy California Maki, then I realized that I am torn as to where I should give my vote. This roll may seem ordinary, but they put the crispy tempura batter on top to make it crispier, plus the super sweet mangoes inside really makes a lot of difference!
Ramen Burger (288 pesos) - This one was okay to me. Literally a ramen noodles that were formed as a burger patty, their homemade vegetarian patty, cheese and mushroom. I knew that there's a ramen burger that is existing around the market, but the number of restaurants that offers Ramen Burger were limited. So if you are curious with this one, better go at Agico. Funny what I indulged myself in is the miso soup that was served together with the ramen burger. It was flavorful since they put mushrooms on it. Really delicious! :)
Tofu Steak (220 pesos) - If you're going to ask me for my favorite dish, then it would surely be this one. A silky and delicate soft tofu, slightly battered outside to give it a nicer texture on a sweet mirin sauce then generously topped with mushrooms and bell peppers. Really good dish! 
Gyoza (158 pesos) - I am no master when it comes to gyoza but from all the gyoza that I've tasted, this is the one that I will go back after. It may look like the simple gyoza but once you've tasted the vegetarian filling inside, you'll realize why it sets apart from the other gyozas around. It's really tasty!
Barbecue (138 pesos) - This is their healthier approach the usual pork barbecue drizzled with vegetarian bbq sauce. As per the owners says who were vegetarian with their entire lives, they promise that they purely use vegetarian ingredients like on this ones' substitute for the meat. Texture wise, it's a bit odd since it has this gamey feeling and sponge like texture, but I must say, it really tastes like the usual BBQ! Of course the sauce played an important role with this. :)
Grilled Salpicao (246 pesos) - Crisp vegetables tossed in their special sauce and their "beef". It actually reminded me of meat loaf for some reason. :)
Takoyaki (258 pesos) - I remembered the reason why me and boyfie were not a fan of Takoyaki since when we first tried a takoyaki, it's so slimy and has a foul smell. But our trauma with takoyaki was replaced with Agico's Takoyaki. Others in our group were also saying that it's really better than others. And yes, we really agree! Crispy on the outside, but soft and moist inside drizzled with their vegan mayo. Nom! Make sure to order this one! :)
Bacon Mushroom Burger (288 pesos) - From all the burgers that was served, this was my favorite. The burger patty was good with hefty amount of vegetables that I really enjoyed! Plus the homemade veggie bacon that they made! Actually, if you're going to serve it to somebody, they wouldn't even know that it's a vegetarian burger at all!
Samurai Wakami Burger (276 pesos) - This was their take for a Japanese burger. Served with wakame, Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce and the nori chips that I can't stop myself from munching on! :P
Crunchy Mushroom Burger (286 pesos) - A burger on a crispier side since the patty is made up of breaded mushroom burger patty served with vegan mayo and salads on the side. What I also loved with this place is they took an effort to put different sidings on every burger. :)
Vegan Cupcake - Since this one was a vegan cupcake, this is done without using eggs. So how they do that? Better go there, or google it. hehe. But honestly, since I'm such a sweet tooth, I find this just okay. I don't say it's not good, in fact, the vegan cupcake was really soft and moist and had chunks of walnuts and apples. But then, you know how I'm such a sucker of icings. haha! But if we're on the other side, then try this! :)
Dark Belgian Chocolate (160 pesos) | White Chocolate Mocha (160 pesos) - The White Chocolate Mocha reminded me of Starbucks' version, but the good thing is that, it's not too sweet. But MAKE SURE, to order the Dark Belgian Chocolate! It's REALLY REALLY GOOD!
Cucumber Apple Detox (168 pesos) What is vegetarian restaurant without detox right? Especially now that it instantly boomed for the healthy eaters out there. :)

See Agico's menu below:

I don't have a basis to compare this to the other vegetarian restaurant since this was my first vegetarian restaurant that I've tried. But I really commend this place because all of the dishes that was served to us was really good. Honest to goodness, If Vegetarian foods were this GOOD, I don't mind switching to vegetarian at all! 

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